Rex Scott

Rex Scott

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  1. Dot says:

    Re: the latest podcast. There is either something wrong with the production of the podcast or something wrong with my computer. The podcast stops producing about 2 – 3 minutes into the discussion.

  2. Rex Scott says:

    Dot, Seems to be running fine now, I had some minor glitches this morning but everything is good to go. Please try leaving the website and revisiting for a kind of reboot. Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your listening and commenting always! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Gregory Fogg says:

    I got the full 25:03.

  4. Dot says:

    Thank you for this wonderful podcast from beginning to end. It helped with my own faith. I will need to listen to it again.

  5. Brandon E Taylor says:

    Let me just say that I appreciate the selection of Don Williams for the intro song. He is the one singer – requiescat in pace – that my wife and children enjoy listening to as much as I do. Good Ole Boys Like Me remains a family favorite.

  6. Brandon E Taylor says:

    Along with, of course, I Believe In You.