Ides of March Lecture 2021: Liberty and Property

This video, shot on St Patrick's Day, is available without charge to Silver, Gold, and Charter subscribers.


The Fleming Foundation

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  1. Vince Cornell says:

    I recently watched Capra’s “You Can’t Take it With You.” I first saw the movie many years ago, and I wasn’t a big fan. This time around, though, I really appreciated the theme of how important it is to have a home. A place where one can be free, and a place where one can be comfortable in the love of family. The plague of divorce has raised generations now that have no concept of what a home should be, thus they rail against the family and private property and the like with no understanding of what they actually oppose, the damage they are doing, or what is at stake to be lost. They’re deaf men railing against Mozart’s concertos. Impossible to reason with, and ignorant of the reality that surrounds them.

    This was a marvelous presentation. I wish it was in a format I could more easily send to folks – it’s a summation of exactly why I am a member of the Fleming Foundation and why I think others should be as well.