Not Just a Number, Episode 3, A, B, and C.

A B and C: The Prisoner's encounter with The Dream Police.

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The Fleming Foundation

7 Responses

  1. David says:

    The dreamscape is the final frontier.

    If a State Too Deep conquers it before yourself, you’re gone, done, someone’s fool…

    I think that’s what the Anterus story was all about…
    Looking forward to those fiction volumes!!

    Im so.happy to hear DrTJF talk of lucid dreaming and the control of dreams. It’s been a life long passion of mine, in fact I know how to commercialize, monetize it, how to profit from mass productuon of it… imagine a populace awake with dream recall. I need the venture capital however… DrTJF, are you interested?

  2. David says:

    Btw: what influence did Conrad’s Secret Agent and it’s sort have upon this work and it’s sort if any at all?

  3. David says:

    Btw: vitamin b6 pyridoxine also induces vivid dreaming and dream recall. Dream recall is most important for if you cannot remember where you were, then………….
    Hence the importance of a dream journal, of which if kept well makes for a writer’s block breaker…

    And DrTJF tripped out but kept it together because he did not want to lose a bet… that’s rather wild, Anterus wild

    Dreams in dreams

  4. Michael Strenk says:

    I’ve often found that prayer is the best escape from a bad dream cycle. Like all bad experiences in life, a bad dream compels one to seek power over it or its cause. Irreligious people seek worldly solutions and worldly power, religious people seek God and God puts the means in their hands, or directs them to the means already in their hands, to cope and learn.

    When Number Six returns to his own dreams in the end, it is to the looping dream of his own resignation, which seems to be the source of all of his anxiety, present and past and the event for which he most desires resolution, what he is most concerned with working out. Perhaps he has doubts regarding his own motives or merely regrets the passionate rage in which he actuated his departure from his former life, as he is generally in remarkable rational control of his emotions and actions.

  5. Allen Wilson says:

    I have heard that those who can dream lucidly sometimes can’t tell the difference between dreams and reality, and that with some of these bed wetting can become a problem.

    I have taken control of a couple dreams over the years. A couple times I did so and defeated a threatening monster or pursuer, another time or two it was just an normal dream, but I always awoke right after taking control.

    Research into lucid dreaming without drugs has been going on for decades. People have learnt to do it successfully so I don’t see the point in using a drug to facilitate it, but I guess an easier method would be welcomed by some, depending on the side effects.

  6. Michael Strenk says:

    The passions enslave us. Righteous indignation can easily be taken too far. Number 6 has let himself down, let his guard down in his passion and now he is a prisoner in a sort of hell. As McGoohan was a western christian the village can be taken to be a kind of purgatory wherein he must summon all of his internal resources to not lose the game, his soul. “I want him body and soul!” After a life-time spent in a war, which came to have ever less meaning over time now he must find himself again, his true self and not be tempted to sell himself, to give himself away, to surrender, to compromise with the evil forces as so many of his former allies have.

  7. Michael Strenk says:

    As Dr. Fleming mentions in recounting what Admiral Stockdale told him, they can break him, but if they break him they don’t have him, just an empty shell, a prop.