Not Just a Number, Episode 5, Schizoid Main

In this episode, Dr. Fleming and Stephen confront the doubling of #6 to #12.

Subjects include:
-Mind reading as a gateway to the occult
-The feeling of reality when your identity is in question
-Dr. Fleming’s father’s left-handedness
-Dr. Fleming’s take on second chances

To prepare for the following episode, watch “The General."

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The Fleming Foundation

2 Responses

  1. Allen Wilson says:

    A good portrayal of sleep deprivation as a method of extracting information is to be seen at the beginning of “The Lives of Others”, where two or three Stazi agents work in shifts interrogating a man endlessly until he finally cracks.

  2. Robert Reavis says:

    This is very good and thank you for putting these talks together. It is a significant observation, not to be over emphasized but certainly true, that the occult and it’s practices are traditional, ancient and real.
    I think if western Christians ever rediscover the reality of their faith it might be sometime after their request to enter again into the swine herd is finally granted.
    Thank you again for the good conversation.