Greek Interview with Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming was recently interviewed (10 November) by Nikolaos Hidiroglou for the Greek newspaper Ελεύθερη Ώρα (Eleftheri Ora). 

Is Donald Trump the man for the job in the White House for the Republicans?

The “Grand Old Party” has been fielding impossible presidential candidates that have made Republicans a political joke:  Bob Dole, John McCain,  Mitt Romney.  Perhaps the worst was George W. Bush, who won two elections, squandered money and lives on a pointless and fruitless war in Iraq, and bankrupted his country.  How could Trump do any worse?   Trump’s great strength is his candor:  He openly talks of political corruption and brags that he has been paying off candidates in both parties.  He is invulnerable to criticism, because he admits he has been a bribe-payer and because his is not at all ashamed of his womanizing.  Of course, he is an ignorant buffoon, but that is no obstacle to political success in America.  Here is the key to Trump: Decent Americans despise the leaders of both political parties, and they long for a leader who might possibly take a strong stand on immigration and social spending.  Trump has become there hero.

Are there any conservatives left in American universities? How far has left wing bias influenced the agenda in the liberal arts? 

Conservatives were mostly gone from American universities 30 years, now the only debates are between the extreme left and the insane left.  No one in his right mind should study anything, in an American university, but science, engineering, or business.  Even a student of the Greek classics will hear endless diatribes about the exploitation of women or celebrations of Greek erotic diversity.  The best thing that could happen would be to shut them all down and force the professors to slave in rice fields, as Mao did.

You travel often to Europe. What are your impressions for what is happening there the past few years? How would you describe European politics right now?

This is a very confused period for Europe.  The so-called conservative leadership in Britain and France seems to see their enemy as everyone to the right of David  Cameron.  Leftist parties have a more coherent set of principles and strategies, but it is precisely their policies of overspending, taxing productive workers, and welcoming Third World aliens that is bringing the EU and its constituent members to their knees.  It may be too late to avoid the “Camp of the Saints” scenario sketched out decades ago by Jean Raspail—European civilization completely annihilated by wave after wave of “extracommunitarian immigrants—but the current crisis caused by the “Syrian” immigrants is already drawing a line between Marxists who hate their countries—Merkel, Hollande, Tsipras, Renzi—and of course Obama—and everyone who cares about the world their children will inherit.  Unfortunately, the future of the European right may not lie with intelligent and principled leaders of previous generations but with race-baiters and hooligans of the Golden Dawn variety.

Immigration has become a “hot” issue again in the States. What are the real differences on this between the Democrats and the Republicans? Are the Democrats looking for new voters? Are Republicans risking not having any new? 

Years ago the American novelist Edward Abbey (himself a left-liberal) categorized the positions of the two parties:  Republicans want their cheap labor, Democrats want their cheap cause.  Neither has the slightest concern for the future of their country.

The Democratics have built a consituency of voters who depend on the government:  a very large class of those who depend on welfare, government employees at all levels, young women who want tax-funded abortions, angry minority groups of every kind.  Naturally, they are eager to import more Latin American immigrants, who depend heavily on tax-subsidized services provided by unionized government employees.  This is a double benefit!

If anything, however,  the Republicans, who have actually had the power to control the border and set stricter policies, are worse, because, while waving the American flag and calling for wars to spread American ideals, they adamantly refuse to defend the border with Mexico.   Even prominent Republicans who claim to oppose unlimited immigration rarely back up their speeches with tough political positions.

If Europe is going out of business, the US is not far behind.

Thomas J. Fleming


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Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming is president of the Fleming Foundation. He is the author of six books, including The Morality of Everyday Life and The Politics of Human Nature, as well as many articles and columns for newspapers, magazines,and learned journals. He holds a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a B.A. in Greek from the College of Charleston. He served as editor of Chronicles: a Magazine of American Culture from 1984 to 2015 and president of The Rockford Institute from 1997-2014. In a previous life he taught classics at several colleges and served as a school headmaster in South Carolina

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  1. Harry Heller says:

    Trump is the candidate, almost by accident, of Middle America. People like some aspects of his personality (I met a 68 year old woman at an event this evening who liked him for being “an old-fashioned man”; she meant, as she explained, that he reminded her of the men of her youth in the admittedly already degenerate 60s and 70s). But most are behind him for two reasons only: 1) his stance against the immigration invasion; and 2) the “implicit whiteness” (or is it explicit?) of his whole persona. He seems like a regular white man from a time when white men still possessed cultural and social self-confidence. May those times return (and in spades!). TRUMP 2016

  2. RR says:

    Trump is America’s Berlusconi. Who will America’s Monti and Renzi be?