How Correct Are You? By Diogenes the Dissident

Answer these questions honestly.  If you score zero, you are rightwing; 5-10 makes you a conservative liberal, while a score of 15 tells you that you have reached the highest plateau of political correctness.

1. I have a nice Muslim friend; therefore ISIS is not Islamic.
2. The vast majority of the world’s “1.6 billion Muslims” are not part of ISIS or al-Qaeda; therefore ISIS and al-Qaeda have nothing to do with Islam.
3. The presence of large Islamic populations in Europe and North America is culturally enriching and intellectually invigorating.
4. Christianity and the Catholic Church have historically suppressed science, but Islamic civilization began modern science with the medieval Golden Age.
5. The backwardness of the Islamic world in recent centuries and up to the present day is the simply the result of corrupt leaders whose behavior has had nothing to do with Islam.
6. Islam is a great religion and preferable to Christianity; the only bad things about it are that it suppresses women’s rights and (most of all) that it does not allow for gay marriage.
7. Gay rights is the great civil rights cause of the 21st century; somehow we have to get Muslims on board with it.
8. If guns were made illegal, there would be no more mass shootings by Islamic terrorists or anyone else.
9. There are around 5,000 jihadis in France, which makes it impossible to track all of their activities, but this is an insoluble problem because it is absolutely necessary to have large Islamic populations in Europe for cultural enrichment.
10. Every self-proclaimed “refugee” from the Middle East has a human right to come to either Europe or America – both viciously racist areas that are descended from imperialistic oppressive white Christian civilization, which has the moral duty to give welfare and housing to all non-Westerners who want it.
11. Most victims of Islamic terrorist attacks throughout the world are Islamic; therefore ISIS, al-Qaeda, and al-Shabbab are not connected to Islam.
12. The key to preventing future terrorist attacks is to send more Special Forces into Iraq and Syria to gather intelligence.
13. Richard Dawkins provides a very well-reasoned and well-informed critique of Christianity, but his criticism of Islam is mean-spirited and parochial.
14. The Assad regime must go.
15. Obama is intelligent and compassionate for stating that the U.S. will continue to take in thousands of refugees irrespective of what has occurred in France because the vetting will be thorough and rigorous.



2 Responses

  1. Harry Heller says:

    Uh-oh. I think I earned a 1. While I favor keeping Islam out of the West as much as possible, I do think, given that THEY ARE HERE IN DROVES anyway, we do need our CIA to be active in monitoring Islamist movements, there as well as here. And I do think we need to send in drones, and sometimes special forces, to kill terrorists over there.

  2. Robert says:

    Dear Diogenes, These fifteen true or false questions look eerily similar to the final examination questions recommended to our institutions of higher learning by our department of education for Western Civilization classes 101,202,303 and 404. Please be advised ANY further use or distribution of this material could result in a violation, a fine, imprisonment or both.