Election Night and the Day After

My wife and I went to the Eastons at 6, to eat American chili, drink wine, and watch  to the election returns.  Betsy Easton is absolutely confident of a Trump victory, Gail Fleming refuses to believe that anything so wonderful could happen, Jim and I agree that it is possible, if rumors of a big turn-out among old-fashioned Americans prove true.  I take heart from the wacky conservative websites I have looked at, where people are bragging not only about voting for the first time in years but also claim to have dragged  friends and family to the polls.

So far at 9 central time, the scenario scripted by the Clintons is not playing out.

Our wives like Kellyanne Conway but recommend collagen.  I and Jim recommend she return to the crypt.

Just in.  Stock futures plummeting.  Fantastic!

Trying to do a blog on an iPhone while watching the returns turned out not to be a gret idea, but with my laptop, even here in the orthodpedic surgeon's office, I can update this post with trivial observations all day long.

James D. --see comment below--says this is the only good presidential election of his life.  I am probably twice his age, but I agree.  This is the first time when normal people could vote against the revolution, not just against big government or anti-war protestors, or crooks, but against a regime that privileges aliens and foreigners over citizens, tax-consumers over tax-payers, non-Christian non Europeans above the people who settled and made this country.  Even if Trump, on inauguration day, were to pull of his Trump mask and reveal himself to be Hillary, laughing at the fools she tricked into supporting her alter ego, Trump voters have shown that it is just barely possible to stand up against the revolution.

Commentators last night observed that pro-Trump Republican candidates did better on the whole than anti-Trump GOP candidates.  It was with real pleasure that I voted for the Libertarian candidate for Senate, here in Illinois:  anyone but Mark Kirk.  Kirk spent most of his campaign--that is,when he was not calling for the slaughter of the innocent around the globe--denouncing Trump.  He lost.

Hollywood will soon be as empty of stars as it is of talent.  I am happy that George Stephanopoulos is going to New Zealand, but what did New Zealand do to deserve such a pathetic liar?  He was still lying on CNN as I went to bed.  Rumor has it that Brad and Angelina are both going to Canada, but Brad is being sent to the Maritimes while Angelina is being exiled to Saskatchewan.

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Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming is president of the Fleming Foundation. He is the author of six books, including The Morality of Everyday Life and The Politics of Human Nature, as well as many articles and columns for newspapers, magazines,and learned journals. He holds a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a B.A. in Greek from the College of Charleston. He served as editor of Chronicles: a Magazine of American Culture from 1984 to 2015 and president of The Rockford Institute from 1997-2014. In a previous life he taught classics at several colleges and served as a school headmaster in South Carolina

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  1. Harry Colin says:

    My delight at the collective Italian victory salute normal America extended to the odious political class and the degenerate major media is tempered by the realization that Chris Christie and Rudy Giuliani will apparently have their neo-con mitts on a Trump administration.

  2. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    I am not saying that Trump will accomplish anything, but there is no reason to be dismayed by GOP hacks–not neocons, actually–joining Trump and wetting their beaks. These things are necessary, absolutely, and Trump will not accomplish anything if the mercenaries do not go to work for him.

  3. James D. says:

    Newt Gingrich bothers me more than Christie or Giuliani. This is the only good presidential outcome of my life.

  4. Robert Reavis says:

    The good news is Mr. Kurtz has been removed of his command in the Heart of Darkness. The bad news is he has been replaced by a character named Long John Silver.

  5. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Long John Silver was a man of great courage. Stevenson based him on his friend William Ernest Henley, an athlete and yachtsman whom RLS visited in hospital, where Henley had had his leg amputated. His irrepressible cheerfulness and refusal to be cowed by adversity inspired Stevenson to create Silver. Long John was a ruthless criminal without any petty malice or inclination to do gratuitous harm. Although a cook, he proved himself to be a fine commander of the miserable remnant of Flint’s crew. We can only hope that the pirate Trump has some of Long john’s guts!

  6. Robert Reavis says:

    Yes, he was a complex character and I meant what I wrote.

  7. Kellen Buckles says:

    On the recommendation of Ken and Art, Fleta and I spent the evening watching Bresson’s “Au hasard Balthazar”

    I stayed off the computer yesterday and we have no TV so I learned the results the paleo way – from this morning’s newspaper headline as I stood unbelieving in the driveway. It’s much easier on the heart this way, although I suppose the early results might have made for a happier evening than I was anticipating.

    We all know the new administration will be neither so bad as the revolutionaries scream nor so good as the populists dream, but as Harry states (and Michael Moore so scornfully mocked) this was one great “salute” to the real enemies of the people.

  8. Harry Colin says:

    Your remarks are not trivial, Dr. Fleming, only the subject – electoral politics – when compared to the truly important. Besides, I am both re-assured by your remarks about Trump needing the Party nomenklatura, and appreciative of your Godfather reference (wetting beaks); mentioning organized crime is always appropriate in any discussion involving the Clintons.

    While we will never know, I’m betting her refusal to speak to her supporters last night was only partly petulance and large part the result of sedation she was likely under as she watched Ohio and Florida and the other states fall to The Donald. She has plotted for decades to get this office and I doubt she will be able to endure the defeat.

  9. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    My friend Andreas writes from Greece: Amazing victory! US may have saved the West again. Congratulations Thomas!

  10. Christopher Check says:

    I’ll take Long John Silver. Thank you to the good people of Wisconsin (a state for which I have always had deep affection) for ignoring Paul Ryan. I reject the spin that the pollsters were misled by voters unwilling to declare for Trump. They should have counted yard signs, t-shirts, ball caps, and F-150 bumper stickers.Of course, out here in the land of the Lotus Leaf Eaters we addressed the really important issues: Now you can smoke pot, but cigarettes will cost you an extra two bucks a pack. And, if you are a porn star (pardon me, “adult film actor”), you can continue to ply your trade unencumbered by a condom!

  11. James D. says:

    A couple things:
    – Will the Saudis come looking for their money back? Hillary might have some serious explaining to do.
    – I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Clinton voted for Trump. Some of his statements in the last few weeks have given clues that he might actually understand the Trump movement. Plus, he has been married to that battle axe for a long time….
    – I hate to put too much weight on one election, but is this the Middle American Radical moment that Sam Francis theorized?
    – I went to bed around 11 last night and woke to find out that Hillary hadn’t yet given a concession speech. My first thought was that she was already at the Bush Ranch in Paraguay or sitting next to Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy…

  12. John Isham says:

    I made a point of finishing David Stockman’s book *Trumped!* right before the election. So glad I did, because it really highlights where there are big opportunities/possibilities–that both could (but of course probably wont’) happen. Dr. Fleming (and everybody else here): what are your thoughts on the “Stockman approach” to things and about the possibility of shutting down the Fed and starting to end the insane collaboration there’s been between the Beltway and Wall Street?

  13. Steven Lakoff says:

    I hope Long John is picking some good targets for some crutch hurling. I am not sure who is most deserving.

    First thing I hope he does is restore the border patrol.

  14. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Commentators last night observed that pro-Trump Republican candidates did better on the whole than anti-Trump GOP candidates. It was with real pleasure that I voted for the Libertarian candidate for Senate, here in Illinois: anyone but Mark Kirk. Kirk spent most of his campaign–that is,when he was not calling for the slaughter of the innocent around the globe–denouncing Trump. He lost.

  15. James D. says:

    Dr. Fleming, I did the same here in PA. I took great joy in voting for the Libertarian candidate over Pat Toomey. Alas, Toomey somehow won.

  16. Allen Wilson says:

    The Texan woman I was sitting next to at work last night didn’t find it funny when I asked her if maybe “all those dead Mexicans” had voted Republican this time. She and another woman left work crying. We were all surprised that Fla went for trump, but Penn., though a little surprising, was understandable with it’s rust belt. Wisc. clinched it.

    Farrage and Trump have made a real difference in the world. Now, hopefully we’ll have a another EU exit, or a Putin-Assad victory….

  17. John Isham says:

    So telling that Kenosha county in Wisconsin went the way of Trump…the East (Blue) vs. West (Red) dichotomy within it makes the county a very good microcosm of the country as a whole. Also take a look at the results for Stark County, which the Times used to love to hold up as a bellwether of the country at large.

  18. John Isham says:

    Stark County being in Ohio, of course…

  19. Harry Colin says:

    Ironically, Toomey, like some other GOPers who avoided Trump and wouldn’t indorse him, owes his reelection to the swarm of new voters Trump brought to the polls; without them he would be former Senator Toomey. (I realize that he ultimately did indorse Trump – at about 6:30 pm on election night, if one wants to count that)

  20. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    My wife and I stayed up until Trump made his acceptance speech. We watched most of the returns on Fox Business Network. I cannot listen to M. Kelly on the other Fox station. We flipped over to MSNBC. What a sorry bunch of losers. When Fox had projected WI for Trump, MSNBC still had it too close to call. When Fox finally called PA for Trump, the people at MSNBC were dumbfounded by the sudden cheering at Trump’s Headquarters. It was hilarious to watch their reaction when they realized that it was all over for Hillary. Later, on both CNN and MSNBC, the commenters were shouting at each other because they could not agree on why Hillary lost. Many of them were sure that Trump would continue his divisive tirade against minorities, women, and Muslims. Meanwhile, One America News had called the election for Trump, giving him 277 electoral votes when Fox had him at 254.

  21. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    Regarding the Senate, we will have to see if any Republicans oppose Trump and how many Democrats support him. This could be very interesting. The establishment of both parties will be scheming to retain control.

  22. Ken Rosenberger says:

    I too liked the beak-wetting reference. Giuliani is sort of a thinner/balder Don Fanucci, with less snazzy duds.

    Donald may let us down, probably will but he’s already driven the neocons to rout and ended the Clinton and Bush dynasties, and destroyed the GOP Racket as it’s gone on since Reagan. For that, we are in his debt.

    Yes, he may let us down, but on the other hand, how hard is it to not start a war with Russia, tighten up the border just a little, and not sic his DOJ on every mom-&-pop pizza joint that won’t cater a gay wedding (And you know how much gays love evangelical pizza).

  23. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    As I told my sister (who lives in Kenosha) when she said that President Obama might pardon Hillary, Hillary should refuse to be pardoned and demand a thorough investigation of her alleged crimes if she thinks she is innocent. Accepting a pardon would be an admission of guilt.

  24. James D. says:

    “he’s already driven the neocons to rout…”

    Do the neocons go back to their old home in the Communist Party now?

  25. Robert Reavis says:

    Well said, Mr. Rosenberger. Mr. Trump can’t be any bigger disappointment than Reagan was or the establishment has been since regaining crowd control. But then again every time I have said that in the past, they have managed to start a new war, economic depression or a new assault on some remnant of some shadow reflecting a reality. Personally I have always admired the Long John Silvers of the world when sailing through waters occupied by pirates.

  26. Steven Lakoff says:

    I was going to punish Toomey as well but for some reason which I can’t explain, I voted straight Republican at the last second. I recall thinking about the NumbersUSA grades for the two candidates at that moment.

  27. Ken Rosenberger says:

    Well, at least next year’s TFF Summer Symposium won’t have to be held in the catacombs. Let’s hope the $PLC just lost a little power and friends in high places.

  28. John Isham says:

    I too think this will have to be a letdown ultimately. The two things he completely has it in his power to do (bring the troops home and shut down the Fed) are probably going to end up being the two least likely things that will/could happen.

    But I find myself even just on a superficial level enjoying listening to the Donald speak–and the way he “riffs” on topics as he discusses them. Don’t need to tell you guys how I felt about the prospect of listening to Hillary’s voice for the next few years. This alone makes this election just about the best ever…

  29. John Seiler says:

    Sen. Paul Kirk also was an obsessive neocon warmonger. Good riddance.

  30. John Seiler says:

    John Isham: ” The two things he completely has it in his power to do (bring the troops home and shut down the Fed) are probably going to end up being the two least likely things that will/could happen.” He likely will end most of the wars, except for going after ISIS, and bring at least some troops home. He won’t and can’t end the Fed, alas. But he could rather quickly bring back a type of pre-1971 gold standard by reversing what Nixon did. By itself that would create a boom.

  31. John Isham says:

    John Seiler: Sounds far more realistic…and I’d definitely be satisfied with that as well!

  32. Regis Moran says:

    My family in Eastern Europe are celebrating and enjoying another round of handcrafted Slivovica.

  33. John Seiler says:

    In addition to Paul Kirk, wiped out 54-40, it looks like Sen. Kelly Ayotte, another anti-Trump Republican fanatic, was ousted from Maine. And anti-Trump Republican Joe Heck lost to replace corrupt old Harry Reid in Nevada. So three big anti-Trumpers lost. Good riddance. Too bad they didn’t take Mad John McCain with them. But he got only 53%, compared to 59% in 2010 and 77% in 2004. At that rate, he’ll finally lose with 47% in 2022, when the psycho neocon will be 86.

  34. Frank Brownlow says:

    Reading the comments reminds me of Dick Swiveller’s warning as he offers the Marchioness a pot of beer: “Moderate your transports!” Sure, Trump isn’t superman–but the Republican establishment hasn’t been able to force him to take on the likes of G.H.W. Bush as his VP, which is what happened to Reagan. Trump has more freedom of movement, but he’s going to have to keep a very tight eye on Ryan and McConnell. I’m just hoping he cuts the FBI & the police loose in the first few days–looking at the “protesters” reminds me of a remark attributed to the late Princess Margaret: “I’d hose them of the streets” –with “of” pronounced “awf.”

  35. James D. says:

    “I’m just hoping he cuts the FBI & the police loose in the first few days–looking at the “protesters” reminds me of a remark attributed to the late Princess Margaret: “I’d hose them of the streets” –with “of” pronounced “awf.””

    Yes. There are many contributing factors to the problem now. The self-loathing whites, whose sorry grandparents protested Vietnam are now three generations descended into the idea that shutting down streets, occupying buildings, etc. is their constitutional right. The black thugs have been empowered by their current emperor and are being paid by the state and international Marxists like Soros and his ilk to start trouble. The recently-arrived third-worlders are used to violence and chaos and have absolutely no experience with or ties to a civilized society. I think that not just police, but the citizens of local communities need to be empowered to handle these situations. The rioters should be afraid to do what they are doing. Instead they have no fear. Where have you gone Bull Connor?

  36. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    Professor Brownlow, James D. Apparently there is a California non-profit advertising on one of those job websites for anti-Trump activists. Years of uncontrolled immigration is turning us into a third-world banana republic. Of course promotion of violence and civil unrest is one of the outcomes the media predicted following a Trump victory; however, they failed to specify that it would be the “progressives” doing the promoting.

  37. Dan Hayes says:

    At about 3 AM on November 9th an NPR commentator was queried about Paul Ryan’s post-election status. His response: “He’s Toasts”. From his lips to God’s ears!