Nikos Doukas: Trump’s victory and Europe

Trump's victory came as a surprise in Europe, far more than in the US.  The major TV channels for months presented him as paranoid.  In a country like Greece, plagued by illegal immigration and targeted for centuries by Islamic expansionism, Trump’s views on these issues were presented as eccentric and extreme. Any discussion on the US elections ended with the conclusion that Trump will be crushed in the ballot and the World will continue its course towards the "progressive paradise."   Particularly perverse was the spectacle of  leftist Greek (in other words White Christian) political analysts gleefully reveling in the crush that awaits the "White Christian America.”

The first results seemed to confirm this picture.  Imagine the surprise of many in the morning when they learnt the final results.  Many TV shows seemed like a funeral, and the sad and humiliated faces of the leftist “specialists,” journalists and politicians, was a unique image and a moment to treasure.

But what exactly does Trump’s victory mean for Europe?  Although it is early to speak with certainty, there are several positive signs.

First, plans for a US attack on Syria against Assad and in favor of the Islamists are a thing of the past.  A Hillary presidency would certainly mean another military intervention in the Middle East and would cause more dead, wounded, and refugees in an already ravaged region.  This “vision” is out of the picture right now.

Second, it is an opportunity, perhaps the last, to reverse the policies of massive illegal immigration, which are leading to the biological extinction of European Christian nations.  European political parties and movements fighting against illegal immigration, especially Islamic, will have on their side, at least ideologically, the leader of the Western world.

Third, forces acting against national sovereignty, from George Soros to Brussels bureaucrats, have suffered a major defeat. The nation-state is back to the fore as the only institution that can excite and mobilize masses in a positive unifying vision.

Fourth, economic issues that have to do with the transfer of power from the Western countries to Asia are brought to the center of public discussion. Trump “the businessman” presented them with great effectiveness and seemed to understand their social effects. Almost all European countries face similar problems.

In order to address such different and big issues the new US president would need to display special abilities. It is an open question whether his supporters will be mobilized to realize his alternative vision and protect their country’s interests. The Left knows the political system much better than the Right, which  prefers to sing hymns to lost causes and fallen heroes. Now, more than ever, no more martyrs are needed. Only winners.

Nikos Doukas writes from Greece.


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