The Leaders We Deserve, Part I: From Under the Rubble, Episode 23

From Under the Rubble with Dr. Fleming and Rex Scott: "The Leaders We Deserve, Part I."

Original Air Date: May 14 2018
Show Run Time: 29 minutes
Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming
Show Host(s): Rex Scott


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4 Responses

  1. Sam Dickson says:

    I think it was Henry Adams who made the witty statement, “The ‘progression’ from Washington to Grant disproves Darwin’s theory.”

    FDR’s money didn’t come from the Roosevelt side. It came from his mother, Sarah Delano. The Delanos made their money in the opium trade in China. Morally speaking the Delanos basically were dope pushers. The mother has a much greater influence on the child than the father in most families. Roosevelt may have been “upper class” but one should remember that his character was mostly formed by his mother’s family who were scarcely better than out-right gangsters.

    America is ruled by 2 types of people:

    The scum that floats to the top and the dregs that sink to the bottom.

    The scum rules us by catering to the resentments and burglar instincts of the dregs.

    That’s how democracy works.

    My great-great-grandfather was Benjamin Harris Dickson who served several terms in the South Carolina House of Representatives. He did not represent the aristocratic Low County. He represented the hill country. He was a presentable Presbyterian. Not one of the Anglican grandees. He came from the gentry, not really the aristocracy.

    This difference makes it all the more noteworthy that he was one of the members of the House who fought with every ounce of his energy against Jacksonian Democracy.

    While he was in office, the pressure came to widen the franchise to the point that about 50% of the White males over 21 would be able to vote.

    He furiously opposed this proposal. When it passed over his wild opposition, he sent a message to his constituents thanking them for the honor of representing them and saying that he would never seek public office again because of the change in the franchise. He said that with this irresponsible expansion of the franchise, it would become increasingly difficult and ultimately impossible for any decent, honorable man to serve in public office.

    I have a distant cousin, Father Phillip Scott, who apostacized to Popery and is a papist priest. When I first met him, he brought up the story of our great-great grandfather’s opposition to Jacksonian Democracy and the expansion of the franchise and asked me what I thought of it.

    I hesitated for a moment and then replied, “Cousin, I agree with every single word he said.”

    Cousin Phillip laughed and said, “So do I!”

    We have been fast friends since then.

    Sam Dickson

  2. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Thanks, Brother Dickson, for the fine sermon. Adams, it goes without saying, did not understand Darwin, who never proclaimed “the survival of the fittest.” Most Neo-Darwinists today would argue that the success of beetles, on which Haldane remarked, is no less significant than the success of hominids.There are, after all, far more of them then there are of us. The greater complexity of higher mammals is the one exception to the great law of entropy, but in terms of social evolution, man experiences a few great leaps forward followed by many centuries of degeneration. Ancient Greeks and Renaissance Italians are the exception: Americans are the norm.

  3. Sam Dickson says:

    Thanks to you, Comrade Fleming, for your fine discussion. It still surprises me how leftists have appropriated Darwin’s theory – as it is widely understood – when it would seem that except for the fact that it presents a theory of creation without God everything else in the theory is at loggerheads with the principles of leftism.

    Mistaken though Adams’ witticism may be, it’s certainly a wise – and coming from a New Englander, a son of Lincoln’s ambassador to Great Britain very useful – observation. Its meaning is obviously true – that the direction as one moves through history and examines Presidents is pretty much down, down,down.

    And it will get worse.

    Stay tuned!

    As for evolution, we need as you point out to have a more “nuanced” (to use a word much loved by liberals) view of evolution like you did with the beetles. (Cockroaches would have been an even more vivid example.)

    We need to start thinking in terms of devolution.

    Regardless of what one thinks of Darwin’s alternative theory to divine creation, it’s undeniable that you can breed a species down and the System is doing most everything it can to down bread the human race short of out right killing the smart ones like the Communists did with dekulakization. And who knows? They may move on to that in the future.

    If things keep up as they have been for the past 3 or so generations, we’ll be back on all fours in a century or so.

    A respectful bow to Lady Fleming,


  4. Sam Dickson says:

    In the field of applied dysgenics the Turks/Muslims were pioneers who anticipated the Bolsheviks’ efforts to eliminate intelligent Russians from the gene pool with the dekulakization program.

    Long before Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin cranked up the program in alien conquered Russia the Turks came up with their janissary program.

    You will know about this but hardly 1 Christian European in 1000 knows about it.

    The Turks would come every year or two to Christian villages in Greece, Serbia and other conquered Christian nations and inventory the young boys.

    The smartest, strongest, handsomest and most promising sons were forcible taken away from their parents and taken to Constantinople.

    There they forgot their native languages and were reared as Turkish speaking Moslems.

    This practice leeched out the best boys from the Christian gene pool and may in part account for the astonishingly lower average IQ in Greece compared to the other European nations.

    You will not be surprised to hear, however, that some years back I read a much acclaimed history of the Ottomons that ‘splained all this real good.

    The janissary program was actually an enlightened policy to give opportunity to peasant lads who otherwise would have had few chances for growth in their native villages.

    It was another example of how superior and more enlightened Islam is than Christianity.

    Revilo, of blessed memory (dead like most of my friends – the worst feature of old age so far) you may be surprised to hear for all his hatred of Christianity once remarked to me that the glorification of Islam is nothing more than an oblique attack on Europeans in general and Christians in particular.