Grillin’ with Garret: The Best Revenge, Episode 16

Grillin' with Chef Garret Fleming, Rex Scott, and Dr. Fleming on The Best Revenge.

Original Air Date: October 11, 2018
Show Run Time: 30 minutes
Show Guest(s): Garret Fleming
Show Host(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming, Rex Scott

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  1. Robert Geraci says:

    The issue about closing a grill cover is a relatively recent phenomenon in that it is only modern (last thirty years) that grills came with hinged covers. Before that, the backyard cheap barbecue had no cover. I think covers came on the scene to protect the grill from rain, etc., not to accent cooking! Somehow there was some discovery that cooking with a closed cover was a good thing, which it isn’t, but today’s modern backyard grill person takes closing the cover for granted!