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  1. Irv Phillips says:

    I literally laughed out loud at bits of this. No, really, literally (as in the word that people over the age of forty often use properly). With respect to names, let me say this: I just finished The Venona Secrets, about the decrypted messages exchanged between the USSR and its various spies and fellow travelers in the US in the 30s and 40s. I read it on my Kindle, which was helpful because every time the name of a spy was divulged I’d do a quick check on Wikipedia. I was shocked, shocked!, to find a good number of traitors (which is precisely what they were) with apparently WASPy names whose birth names were quite different. Think Lithuanian, Ukrainian, and Polish and hopefully you’ll see where I am going with this (a prominent example is Harry Dexter White). My guess is that of the so-called underground communist party (as opposed to CPUSA) in the United States, approximately one-half to two-thirds were Sandersesque, which makes me wonder if anyone has done any research on Bernie’s parents?

    Another quick point: Bernie might lose the white vote by 25 points (by the way, was Clinton the last Democrat to win that bloc? I believe Romney won by over ten points). Were this the America of (as recently as) twenty years ago, he would lose by a landslide. Not now. I would like to think that the GOP will look at the states he wins and think, “Oh man. We’re toast.” They won’t.