Trump Delendus Est, by Frank DeRienzo

The mechanisms that form our beliefs cannot be trusted to operate on their own, and, since our perceptions, viewed as they are through a glass darkly, are not kaleidoscopic, they  must be manipulated by the elites who, if they are to succeed, have to labor constantly to correlate our perceptions with the reality they have constructed for us.  Rather than just relying on our  ignorance and decadence  to keep us docile, the elites inject false narratives into our mental filters.  When these epistemological vaccines start to wear off, they must revaccinate us in order to strengthen the false narratives and keep us complacent even in the face of the outrages that confront our senses and our mind. As the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans makes clear, truth has a tenacious way of reemerging unless actively suppressed by people who suppress the truth by their wickedness. The imperative to obfuscate through injected lies, ever since the Fall, has been carried out by dedicated sophists. 

Sundry forms of epistemic vaccinations are required as different people may require different flavors of falsity to keep them subjugated, and the false narratives that must be justified may have to change with the times and circumstances. Most people don’t read, so books will have a limited but sometimes necessary effect.  A book may lend validity to a false narrative simply by its existence, and even though it may go mostly unread, it can influence the idiocracy through reviews and ‘objective, expert’ pop-media discussions on major news channels.

In this imperfect world, even dedicated leftist sometimes drop the ball.  A recent example of failure is a book called Demagogue by former Boston Globe contributor, Larry Tye.  This injected narrative is currently being pushed by the usual Marxian community of belles-lettres.   In his book, Tye digs up the corpse of Senator Joseph McCarthy with the intent of comparing his  maligned career to the current administration of Donald Trump.  The Democrats, who have gone full Marxist, could find no  better grave to desecrate and phantom to exorcise  than that of Joseph McCarthy.  The average Boomer may recall some selective McCarthy soundbites and perhaps has some vague negative memories of that period he has drawn  from showing up stoned to public-school social-studies classes where he received his tax-subsidized vaccinations against reality.  Their children and grandchildren, while they may not have even heard the name Joe McCarthy, will believe anything they are told about "McCarthyism."

Optimists, who believe that natural and divine law deeply affects the fallen human psyche, might hope that false propaganda, even after it has been widely accepted,  might eventually be worn down or discarded through refutation, but history shows that  lies, once imbibed, can  just  lie dormant as silent accepted premises waiting for their resuscitation at the sound of a bell rung by our masters. They may explode into our consciousness when they have been beckoned, whether to support another unjust war or to justify a new web of red-tape or to promote more laws that defy the created natural order. While truth, as Paul asserts, has an inopportune way of reappearing and presenting new challenges to false narratives, those challenges can be subjugated by administering epistemological booster shots and reinvigorating the lies, which have immunized us against reality.  Pascal, not known for optimism, suggests that there is enough obscurity for those who have a contrary disposition.

The truth about the McCarthy legacy is clearly presented by M. Stanton Evans in his comprehensive book on Senator McCarthy’s response to the communist penetration of our government: Blacklisted by History--The Untold Story of Senator Joseph McCarthy.  Evan’s book  includes transcripts of wiretaps and lists of official documents that magically disappeared like so many Clinton emails; it describes coverups of blatant and unchecked Soviet infiltration into our government at all levels. The communist activity was real, and McCarthy had to be destroyed for exposing too much of it. He was getting too close to the real sources that allowed or directly aided the infiltration. Evans later spoke much on McCarthy, and some of his lectures are still available online. It would be prudent to hear some of his lectures on the topic while they are still available, before they are erased, as were so many documents from the McCarthy episode.

Tye’s well-timed  book is a small part of what a mind tuned to the machinations of the world-spirit should expect from the elites before the upcoming election.  He argues that  Trump is a bully who is basically channeling the McCarthy spirit.  The real purpose of the book is criticism of Trump rather than any exegesis of newly released historical sources documenting the McCarthy era. And conveniently, Tye’s bully thesis may be applied to any conservative who speaks clearly against the evil that is the Democratic party in its current state.  His false narrative, written in the spirit of Saul Alinksky,   is meant to embolden the emasculated mob in their cry for the elimination of reasonable criticism of the left. 

The real correlation between McCarthy and Trump is that both dared to challenge the deep state and its all-adjudicating Zeitgeist. McCarthy contra mundum inevitably triggered the response McCarthy delendus  est,  and the same state of affairs applies to Trump. And since religious secularists (not an oxymoron) are always in need of human sacrifice for their obfuscating epistemological vaccines, Tye as one of their many celebrity priests and scribes is happy to exhume McCarthy’s corpse to support the Marxist agenda.

Frank DeRienzo is a retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel. He holds a BA in Philosophy from Gordon College and an MBA from the University of Massachusetts.


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4 Responses

  1. William Shofner says:

    “He who in conversation is not concerned to find the truth remains forever a barbarian.”

    ~ Jose Ortega y Gasset

  2. Frank Brownlow says:

    CPUSA said it needed to take over the Democratic Party, and it seems to have succeeded. But it’s not just the Democrats. Crisis Magazine has an article, “Before Biden there was Neil Bush.” Seems Mrs. Neil is divorcing NB because of his taste for escorts on business trips, and her lawyers have prised out of him evidence of his dealings with the Chinese Communists, including a Biden-style payment on account of a couple of million dollars. No wonder McCarthy got squashed, nor that they’re trying to do the same to Pres. Trump. Treason is a big-paying business.

  3. Vince Cornell says:

    I think it’s a proverb in every language, but basically, “I am what I say you are” is one of the fundamental truths of our age. Practically everything the Left, the Woke, the Establishment say in criticism of others is true of themselves. No one better represents the caricature of McCarthy better than the Woke mob that couldn’t care less about facts or history or things like that in their mission to erase, even from history, any that they believe are in the wrong.

  4. Frank DeRienzo says:

    Evans book is depressing; I could only take it in in small batches. “I think we are in the rats’ alley. Where the dead men lost their bones.” TSE