Secession! and Then What? by the Alabaman

“Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star…”   So said the Southern secessionists of the 1860s.  Even with whatever differences the leaders of the CSA were certainly a much more culturally intact group than we are presented with today, even I dare say within our own state governments.  Yes, I am making this statement knowing there were pockets of resistance within the Southern States during the war, however, comparatively that resistance was not as substantial as our enemies make them out to be. 

Any such war for independence will have those who oppose the effort for independence out of financial, cultural, or even simply out of cowardice of the moment.  For instance, the American Revolutionary War had a substantial resistance against the patriot cause, with citizens within major cities crossing sides with loyalty oaths and such.  Neither the Patriots of the late 18th Century, nor the Confederates of the mid 19th Century had to deal with the blows of progressivism upon their populace, and the utter hatred for their own cultures by their children.  From Reconstruction forward the children were taught to hate their fathers, and ultimately the progressivism taken hold of all of America has taught us to hate all of the western culture. Some states have activist for Muslim Somalis, all of them are filled with socialist, many are fake conservatives also known as republicans, and even without any true sort of conservatism (I know the term “conservative” is slippery) there can be no agreement between many of these people. 

There is simply Democrat and Democrat-lite (Republicans), in which the spectrum slides continually left.  So by common sense application of what a secession would look like, well it would be progressive-lite seceding from the more progressive government, which is nothing like the 1861 picture of secession.  Confederates although obviously destroyed by war, were not destroyed for lack of a culture of independence, and I dare say morality.  The people of the CSA did not have to contend with tons of unassimilated people who hated our own, dependence on the government for survival, the control of the government by corporations, the folly of universal suffrage, the degradation of culture to our extent, the military industrial complex, PRIDE, BLM, huge divorce rates, etc.  I am for secession, and I want it to come to fruition, but what culture will be in place if we secede?

In the individual state secession conventions of 1861, many of the men (not all) who opposed secession, who were initially called “Unionist” or “Cooperationist”, thought opposed to secession on varying degrees still joined the ranks of the Army of the CSA!  Why? Because they stood with their people, they knew who they were, and any opposition was only for the good of their state, but they would live with their people and die with their people!  However, looking at today’s state legislatures, and many inner-city neighborhoods, with different cultures, with zero assimilation to anything American except American progressivism and greed, who would be their people to die for?  Now instead of a dominance of two distinct cultures you have several with progressive/socialist values and policies being the only real glue.  Every group is fighting for their own, in this multi-cultural hell hole, with the only exception being conservative/Southern whites who cannot reciprocate for being considered racist, losing social status, or possibly losing a career. 

So even with secession what kind of political, or culture war follows?  Granted seceding from the tyranny of the U.S. government would be a great thing, and solve some issues, only IF the leaders/people of the seceding states were to create an improved government.  However, I believe history shows that for the seceding states to succeed in governing themselves there must be a culture that exist to keep that spirit of liberty alive.  How much alike in values and culture are we to Southerners of 1861?  The CSA seceded, and created a constitution that improved upon the problems with the U.S. Constitution.  Will today’s generation who neither know nor identify with the original constitution not err in making their new one a progressive document based on the amended monster we now possess called the U.S. Constitution?  Even then could they be consistent with their new creation considering the people of the CSA had a strong respect for the law, how long before the seceded states contradicted themselves, their government becoming what it just seceded from?

This evening I came across an article entitled “Representative to file bill to allow Texas to secede from United States”, and it was the inspiration for this article.  The article explains that Texas State Representative Kyle Biedermann is going to push a bill for a referendum on secession.  I was somewhat excited to see the news, although, I am not certain that this is not simply a leverage to threaten the establishment over so called conservatives, republican voters wanting the stolen election legally overturned.  If any number of republicans in Texas are serious about secession, I would not know that either.  I do believe secession to be the only answer, and I am all for it, however, it is not the total answer. 

This is why I am interested in the Fleming Foundation, the beauty of western culture, and trying to elevate myself above barbarian status.  Finding our cultural roots in the Confederate mind, the mind of the Founders, the British heritage, the Greek mind, the Scriptures etc. will be beneficial and necessary to understanding who we are, and what we need to do now.  Even with secession there would still be a nasty culture war.  We MUST win the culture, and secession in and of itself will not signal victory.


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  1. William Shofner says:

    So, what is a civilized soul to do when the barbarians are inside the gate? Smile when they stretch you out on the wheel? Do we fight or flee? We fought twice; we won one (1783) and lost one (1865). Fighting seems unwise and unrealistic now. So flee? No. Let’s try a third way: cut the best deal we can so that we can stay on our land but, at the same time, keep the bastards off of it. In sum, secede but shed no blood. What other choice is there? Stay and work hard to change the hearts and minds of those who hate us? We just tried that. It didn’t work. So….if you don’t first secede, try, try again.

  2. Frank Brownlow says:

    I’m assuming Trump won this election handsomely until the Dem. city-fixers went to work overnight. I also think, perhaps mistakenly, that Trump 2020 is a different man from the playboy we all heard about years ago, and I also think that most, if not all, those millions of people who voted for him want ordinary, decent Christian life back. If that is at all true, then things, fundamentally, are better than we think they are, and what people younger than I now am need to do is take back their schools, their colleges, the air-waves, and the internet, in short re-occupy what someone some years ago started calling the public square. Secession is a non-starter, but surely all that energy that fueled the Trump rallies doesn’t need to dwindle into depression and despair?

  3. Robert Reavis says:

    Trump’s Christmas greeting at this years tree lighting ceremony is difficult to find through the normal news sources but has “gone viral” as they say through the underground. I post it here in fear and trepidation that someone may assume he wrote it himself which I seriously doubt but what I have often admired about the man is he is willing to say what so many ordinary deplorables would like to hear just every once in a while.

    To every family across our nation, the First Lady and I want to wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas.

    For Christians, this is a joyous time to remember God’s greatest gift to the world. More than two thousand years ago, the angel Gabriel appeared to Mary. He said, ‘Do not be afraid, you have found favor with God.’ The angel told her that she would give birth to a baby boy, Jesus, who would be called the Son of the Most High. Nine months later, Christ was born in the town of Bethlehem. The Son of God came into the world in a humble stable.

    As Christians everywhere know, the birth of our Lord and Savior changed history forever. At Christmas, we give thanks to God and that God sent his only Son to die for us and to offer everlasting peace to all humanity. More than two millennia after the birth of Jesus Christ, his teachings continue to inspire and uplift billions and billions of people all over the globe. His Divine word still fills our hearts with hope and faith. And, Christians everywhere still strive to live by Jesus’ timeless commandment to his disciples, ‘Love one another.’

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    Above all, during the sacred season, our souls are full of thanks and praise for Almighty God for sending us Christ His Son to redeem the world.

    Tonight, we ask that God will continue to bless this nation. And, we pray that He will grant every American family a Christmas season full of joy, hope, and peace.

    On behalf of Melania and the entire Trump family, Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for a very, very great and happy new year. Thank you.

  4. Josh Doggrell says:

    This is a very good take, and similar to my feelings. When I first became a Southern nationalist a quarter of a century ago, I was convinced secession was the answer and that we could build something good from the ashes. Since that time, I have seen the devolution of our own people and civilization to such an extent that I still think secession is the better option over staying in this rotten Union, but I cannot see how our people could make the improvements necessary for something new. So, what to do? Perhaps cultural secession and a renewed focus on localism are our achievable goals…?

  5. Vince Cornell says:

    This article reminds me of BREXIT. All the UK did was change their progressive leaders in Belgium for their progressive leaders in London. They’re still going to be sold out through the Build Back Better plan into the Great Reset. They’re still going to get freedom of movement and unrestrained immigration. Did anything actually change? Not that I can see.