Author: Jack Trotter


The Shaming of Shame, Conclusion

I can already hear the catcalls from the feminist bleachers: Propriety, indeed! Propriety would have us back in menstrual huts for a week out of every month. Propriety is just a polite taboo. I am woman! I bleed. Get used to it…. So the chant resounds. But propriety is more than “keeping up appearances.” It is, as Edmund Burke once said, “the soft collar of social esteem” – a necessary act of repression that makes civilized life possible; it is the expression – often hypocritical, no doubt – of a moral and aesthetic order which we discard at our peril....


The Shaming of Shame, Part A by Jack Trotter

Warning:  This in a brilliant and original essay on a difficult and unpleasant subject that goes to the evil and perverse heart of contemporary feminism.  Of necessity it includes precise  references to the female anatomy, questions of hygiene, as well as obscene quotations from feminist writers.    It is not recommended for children or adolescents or for any reader who visits this website in order to escape from, not wallow in, the muck of the world around us.   When I first became an editor, I should never have dreamed of publishing such a piece, but as times change, and...