Author: Thomas O'Malley


Nixon’s The One?

When the topic of consequential presidential elections in American history is discussed, the elections most commonly mentioned  include those of 1860, 1912, and 1932.  But there is one election which is often forgotten and yet has had an enormous impact on the United States: the election of 1960. The election pitted Republican Vice President Richard Nixon against Democratic Senator John F. Kennedy.


How the Right Can Win, Conclusion

Trump’s presidency is a rare opportunity for the Right, and it would be madness not to take full advantage of it. This is a once in a lifetime chance to implement Rightist policies. No matter what criticisms you may have of Trump, Hillary would have been far worse. We dodged a bullet with her. She would have passed amnesty, and appointed liberal Supreme Court justices who would tear the Constitution to shreds, and the first and second amendments would become meaningless. This was a fluke election, and we were very lucky Trump ran for president. If he hadn’t, Ted Cruz...


How the Right Can Win Again, Part II: Exploiting Divisions

We on the right should sow discord by exploiting our enemies’ divisions. The Democratic coalition is too mixed to survive. What do a Black nationalist from Atlanta, a feminist from Minneapolis, a Mexican illegal alien from Los Angeles, and a stoner from Portland have in common, except for their hatred of the White man and love of big government? If you put two in a room together, within five minutes they will be arguing over which one has been more oppressed and who needs the most government assistance. We might not need to divide and conquer the Left, as they...


“How the Right Can Win Again,” Part I: The Problem

Looking inwards from the outside, one might assume the American Right is winning nowadays.  On the face of it, things seem to be going our way.  The Republican Party controls the Presidency, both houses of Congress, and most state governorships and legislatures.  Any new Supreme Court justices are likely to be conservatives, meaning that even if the Left regains control of the rest of government, the Supreme Court will remain right-wing for many decades.  The Republican Party is in its best position since the 1920s.  In contrast, the Democratic Party is in disarray.  Since November 9, the American Left has...