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Choose Right Over Kind

Finding an appropriate selection for “Family Movie Night” can be a vexing experience for the Christian household these days. Not only must one sift through the filth that comprises most of pop culture, but I find that even some movies I recall fondly from years past have moments that I would rather not share with my eight-year-old daughter.


Real-life Work in the Movies by Ray Olson

Real-life Work in the Movies By Ray Olson Since my post on William Wister Haines, I’ve seen the 1937 adaptation of his novel (first and best of the four of his I’ve read), Slim (1934), about a young electric lineman; his sweetheart, Cally; his mentor, Red; his friend, Stumpy, a grunt or ground worker; and the foreman of his line crew, Pop. I’m exceedingly happy to say that it’s a minor classic. Reducing the novel to a screenplay, Haines conflates several incidents in the book; for instance, Slim is injured twice in the novel, only once on screen, and Cally nurses him...