An Interview With Misa Djurkovic: Serbia–and Europe–Under Siege

Thomas Fleming


October 30, 2015

An Interview with Misa Djurkovic, a writer and political analyst with the Institute of European Studies, Belgrade.

Part I:  Τhe Immigration Crisis and Serbia

1. How has the Inundation of Islamic refugees affected Serbia?   How many have actually crossed into Serbia?  Do many stay or are they just passing through on the way to Hungary.

For the time being more than 200, 000 of immigrants, mostly from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq have entered Serbia. Not all of them should be regarded as refugees or asylum seekers. Huge number of them are economic immigrants. At this point, all of them are hoping to reach Germany or Sweden, and Serbia is just transit country for them. Earlier they were going to Hungary, insisting on entering without documents and registration. After Hungary built a wall, they changed their route, and now they are going by way of Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. But there is a real danger that a significant number of them might actually end up living in Serbia. The EU administration has actually stated that false asylum seekers from the Middle East can be returned to Serbia.

To make matters worse, in closing the borders without halting the flow of immigrants, the EU will be turning Serbia and the Balkans into some kind of collective center for refugees, some of whom would have to stay for longer period and even to start living in Serbia. Some liberals from the Serbian administration have already declared that they should be offered empty places in Serbia in which to settle permanently. The latest news we have heard from Brussels,. it appears that the EU is asking Serbia to hold around 30,000 of refugees.

2. Serbia is not a rich country.  How is your government coping with the needs of so many people?

Serbia is, indeed, a poor country with serious economic troubles, but it is a country which is still treated as a pariah by the West. The current Serbian administration is trying to be as cooperative with Brussels as it is possible, even to the point of endangering Serbia's basic interests. During this crisis we insisted that we are a very immigrant-friendly country, opening fully our boarders and helping everybody to cross through our country. This decision created huge problems with neighbors like Hungary and Croatia, which were trying to reduce the numbers of refugees arriving. For the time being, as long as we were perceived as only a transit country, we had only minor problems with the migrants, and we all helped them with humanitarian help and other needs, even though we received little financial support from the EU.

On the other hand it should be noted that during whole their trip the migrants have received logistic support from an international assistance infrastructure funded mostly by George Soros. This includes financial support, high tech mobile phones, instructions in Turkey (How to reach Germany in five days), maps,  etc. This is a vast demographic operation directed against the interests of EU countries. Part of this NGO structure has been working very hard and effectively in Serbia.

3. In the American press, we hear mostly of educated Syrian refugees and their families.  When we see them interviewed, most speak English and have professional or technical backgrounds, but we also hear reports from Hungary that a large number of these migrants are young men of military age.  What are the migrants in Serbia like?

In Serbia, more than 70% of these migrants are young, robust men of military age. In the beginning nobody cared too much about that, but more reently some of us have started alerting the public warning, and even government agencies have increased security control and monitoring of their behavior during the time they spend in our country. On the one hand, there is a clear logic why young men should initially make up so great a part of this wave. They are trying to a avoid situation in which they are faced with the choice of either joining ISIS being executed.  In such a situation, it is only natural for them to run to survive and to reach Western Europe, hoping that, after some time, the very liberal EU regulations, which include directives on family reunification, will give them the opportunity to bring in their families. On the other hand, our security apparatus knows that some of them have military experience, and also that some of them are being sent by ISIS and Al Quaeda to act as an Islamicist fifth column in Europe. Since the beginning of this year the German federal police have been present at the Hungarian-Serbian border, trying to check up on possible ISIS assets entering EU.

It is also true that initially we were receiving more educated migrants, but we expect that very soon less educated and poorer are going to be entering.

4. In Hungary there are stories of angry confrontations with aid workers and police?  Is anything like that happening in Serbia?

There were some incidents but not so many as in Hungary. Serbia unlike Hungary opened itself fully for them, while Hungary acted with the power of a sovereign state, using even army units, state prosecutors, and their entire security apparatus to prevent illegal crossings and free movement of undocumented persons. There was a moment when we had real fight at the border with Hungary, between Hungarian security forces and young male refugees helped by Soros NGO's such as Women in Black. They were actually fighting to get permission to enter without registration!  After that even our government reacted and prevented the migrants from making future attacks on Hungary. For the most part, the migrants are very happy with their treatment in Serbia. Serbs are traditionally a very hospitable people so it was normal for us to help children, families and people in need. Our problem is that we too often neglect security issues.

In Part II:  The European Context, Misa Djurkovic analyzes the suicidal strategies of EU governments that discourage the procreation of children but welcome immigrants to fill the vacuum.

Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming is president of the Fleming Foundation. He is the author of six books, including The Morality of Everyday Life and The Politics of Human Nature, as well as many articles and columns for newspapers, magazines,and learned journals. He holds a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a B.A. in Greek from the College of Charleston. He served as editor of Chronicles: a Magazine of American Culture from 1984 to 2015 and president of The Rockford Institute from 1997-2014. In a previous life he taught classics at several colleges and served as a school headmaster in South Carolina

16 Responses

  1. Avatar Dot says:

    Why Serbia and not Bosnia, Croatia? Serbia is Orthodox Christian. Could be wrong but isn’t Croatia predominantly Muslim? On their way to Germany and Sweden? In the EU, is this an example whereby a minority can chance a majority when it has the will?

  2. Avatar Dot says:

    Excuse me. I meant to say transform a majority.

  3. Avatar Tony Oberdorfer says:

    The real question should be why Serbia and not Saudi Arabia?

    Of course, the really guilty party here is Angela Merkel. She should be castrated to prevent her from spreading.

  4. Avatar Dot says:

    Why Serbia and not Saudi Arabia and not Croatia? Serbia is a Christian county. The Islamic refugees, asylum seekers and economic immigrants are not likely to go to Saudi Arabia. What is happening is their normal path to expansion. It is a jihad and a religious duty. Scary isn’t it.

  5. Avatar Tony Oberdorfer says:

    It is scary indeed. But I was being sarcastic in my question. The really sad thing is that virtually no one in the “refugee” lobby has been willing to raise this issue.

  6. Avatar Dot says:

    As far as Angela Merkel – she must carry guilt from the rampage of Hitler.

  7. Avatar Dot says:

    Why should the “refugee” lobby raise the issue? According to the article, the refugee lobby is probably an NGO (non-governmental organization) that is being supported by Soros.

  8. Avatar Tony Oberdorfer says:

    You miss my point which was to criticize the refugee lobby for its leftwingish slant which makes it quite willing to forego all common sense. And if Angela Merkel carries any kind of guilt it should be as the daughter of a Protestant clergyman because people associated with the Lutheran church in Germany are among those most enthusiastic in their “come in, the water’s fine” support of Mrs. Merkel on the issue.

  9. Avatar Dot says:

    Mr. Oberdorfer: I don’t think I am missing your point. The “international assistance infrastructure” is being funded by Soros. The structure is an NGO. According to the article, those migrants have been getting support from that international assistance infrastructure. The also get support from other people of the Muslim faith because no Muslim goes against another Muslim. I don’t have any comment on the Lutheran stance of Angela Merkel. All is opinion and I stand by mine. Sounds tough, but I am concerned that what I see as the gradual Islamization of Europe can happen to my country – the USA.

  10. Avatar Tony Oberdorfer says:

    Dot: I agree with you 100% and am sorry if you didn’t find yourself fully in accord with me. Soros is an especially pernicious SOB and one of the reasons (among many) why our country is in such mortal danger. The question to ask is whether we have already reached the point of no return so long as so many of our countrymen remain blissfully unaware of the situation and others apparently couldn’t care less so long as they still have their professional football games to watch on Sunday.

  11. Avatar Robert M. Peters says:

    God judges individuals; He judges cultures; He judges nations. There are those whose spiritual sensibilities indicate to them that His judgment is nigh upon the West. In light of Romans 1, it may well be that these waves of invaders are already a manifestation of His judgment. In Romans 1, He reminds us that there comes a point in our wanton idolatry that He gives us over, i.e. withdraws His hand from us, a hand which has kept the most abject evil at bay. With His hand withdrawn, an aspect of His judgment, evil has its way toward complete destruction. The witness of the Church is needed more than ever. May He help us individually and in communion be that witness.

  12. Avatar Dot says:

    Mr. Oberdorfer: Let me tell you a true story. Years ago, my late and beloved husband went to the Schoodic peninsular area of Acadia National park in Maine. There were many seagulls there and we liked to throw them popcorn. When the seagull heard the sound of the paper bag containing the popcorn, they descended upon him and started to peck on him. He quickly jumped back into the car. That is socialism of the seagulls. In man, socialism as a practice doesn’t work. As a way of life, it takes away peoples creativity, and industriousness. It says, “I can do it for you”. Personally, I believe in the God given abilities of the people.

  13. Avatar Dot says:

    Mr. Peters: Thank you for very timely and needed comment.

  14. Avatar RR says:

    The Augustinian enters the room. (On October 31, 2015 at 1:10 pm)

  15. Avatar Robert says:

    Mr. Peters, Good to hear from you. It’s been too long. Always enjoyed your posts in the various venues I could find them. Grace is indeed a real thing and the best in every generation know, in moments rich and rare with honesty, that like mercy, it droppeth as a gentle rain from heaven on the place beneath and blesses Him that gives and him that takes as so beautifully described in The Merchant of Venice. Have no fear of the labels, you are welcome here.

  16. Avatar Harry Heller says:

    This is an invasion, colonization and demographic conquest abetted by Angela Merkel, one of the greatest blood traitors in world history. Let us make of her name something similar to “Quisling”, and may she and her henchmen meet a similar end.

    Meanwhile, Westerners had better start recognizing that “diversity” (like “racism”) is a code word for what paleoconservatives like Pat Buchanan have long prophesied as the Death of the West. It’s way past time to reject “tolerance” in favor of “survival”. The old rightists of all schools were correct in everything they predicted about future decline. But the Racial Rightists saw the furthest.