Christianity and Classical Culture, Episode 3: Is Christianity Simply One of The “Great Monotheistic Religions”?

What do we mean when we say “the great monotheistic religions”? Can we even grant the premise of the question? How can we reconcile admiration for classical culture, which was polytheistic, with the practice of Christianity, which is monotheistic? How did the early Christian fathers, including St. Augustine and Tertullian, examine this tension between Athens and Jerusalem? Can we argue that the timing of the Incarnation allowed for the Church to derive maximum benefit from Roman law and government and Greek philosophy?

Dr. Thomas Fleming and host Stephen Heiner examine these and many other questions on this month’s episode.

Original Air Date: February 28, 2016
Show Run Time: 58 minutes
Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner


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