Christianity and Classical Culture, Episode 5: Sophocles Part II

In this episode of Christianity and Classical Culture, we continue a discussion of Sophocles that started with Oedipus Rex. We continue by discussing both Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone in depth. Dr. Fleming knows these plays very well and it is a real treat to listen to his discussion of the various threads within these plays and the interpretation of them both in their time and in ours.

Original Air Date: May 8, 2016
Show Run Time: 1 hour 8 minutes
Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner


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Recommended translations:  1) the Loeb Greek/English edition by Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones,  a thoughtful and intelligent wrestling with the Greek text, and 2) Dudley Fitts and Robert Fitzgerald, for their beautiful and powerful verse-rendering--eminently readable and actable.


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