Reckoning With Reality

Reality has a way of biting you in the posterior. Americans are finding that out the hard way. They’re going to find it out even more if voters put Hillary Clinton back in the White House. She basically has reassembled President George W. Bush’s Neocon Brain Trust. The Atlantic magazine keeps a tally of Republicans who are backing her, including these Neocons: Richard Armitage, Michael Hayden, John Negroponte, Paul Wolfowitz, Max Boot and Robert Kagan. Add that to the “neo-Liberal” interventionist Democrats she has gathered, and you have a powder keg of interventionist insanity.

Kagan is married to Victoria Nuland, who engineered the 2014 coup against Ukraine’s legitimately elected government, putting in place a regime that includes Right Sector, a neo-Nazi outfit. Nuland well could be President Rodham’s Secretary of State, increasing tensions with nuclear-armed Russia for no reason, a key Neocon obsession.

In her now infamous Alt-Right speech on Aug. 25, Hillary harrumphed: “Trump himself heaps praise on Putin and embraces pro-Russian policies. He talks casually of abandoning our NATO allies, recognizing Russia’s annexation of Crimea [from Ukraine], and of giving the Kremlin a free hand in Eastern Europe more generally. American presidents from Truman to Reagan have rejected the kind of approach Trump is taking on Russia.”

This is straight Neocon nonsense. Trump wants a “deal” with Putin, first, to avoid nuclear war. That’s the real main policy of all the presidents of the Cold War era, even with Stalin. Second, if anybody could do it, Trump could work out a deal with Putin to make Ukraine a neutral country, like Finland and Austria were during the Cold War. Actually, that was starting to happen before the Obama-Nuland coup in 2014; and negotiations earlier this year seemed promising, although they since have failed.

Whatever happens, Hillary’s wild accusations about fascism in America – according to her, if you worry her health isn’t strong enough for the job, you’re part of a vast Alt-Right conspiracy! – pale next to her own backing of the Right Sector-influenced Kiev coup regime.

By contrast, a neutral Ukraine could become the peaceful bridge between East and West that Europe needs. All its debt should be forgiven – something the Wall Street oligarchs that bankroll Hillary would hate more than anything. And forget the usual “foreign aid,” meaning even more debt and Soros-style programs to promote abortions in a country with an already rock-bottom birth rate. Instead, what’s needed is encouragement for sensible free-market policies. That is, not the oligarchical looting Russia suffered in the 1990s, but policies like the Czechs and Poles adopted.

Americans simply just can’t be obsessed over these matters any longer. Our own cities are rotting. Our birth rate is at its lowest, ever; factor out philoprogenitive immigrants, and the birth rate is at the level of social suicide. Vast gaps between the 1% and the rest of us show how distorted the economy has become. It’s now a crony capitalist system that has departed from the free markets that made the country wealthy. The Clinton Foundation donations highlight the “pay to play” system that corrupts almost every sector of the country.

If Hillary wins and keeps this system in place, with cooperation from Republicans in Congress – for example, by imposing the 5,000-page TPP controlled-trade treaty – parts of the country will start breaking. The middle-class already is buckling. Race riots broke out this past summer. It’s possible, if Hillary starts a war with the Russkies (and assuming it doesn’t go nuclear right away), our troops might collapse under the weight of crooked leadership from the top, 15 years of extended deployments in senseless wars and decades now of social engineering on an absurd scale, such as putting women in combat.

I doubt Trump can Make America Great Again. But there’s a good chance President Hillary would mean America’s End. That’s the reality.

John Seiler

John Seiler

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  1. Kellen Buckles says:

    Then there was the recent story of the ABC reporter taking a ride in an F15 during war games near Russia’s borders. That’ll show them Russkies!