Trifkovic on the Populist Insurgency: Foreign Affairs, Episode 3

In this episode of Foreign Affairs, Drs. Fleming and Trifkovic take a look at the recent Italian referendum, the situation in Serbia, the recent defeat of Norbert Hofer in Austria, and the current state of Turkey under Erdogan. If you want to know what the real score is in these situations, you owe it to yourself to take a listen.

Original Air Date: December 6, 2016
Show Run Time: 54 minutes
Show Guest(s): Dr. Srdja Trifkovic, Dr. Thomas Fleming
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner


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4 Responses

  1. James D. says:

    Mr. Heiner and Dr. Fleming, thank you for having Dr. Trifkovic back on the podcast. I really enjoyed this episode.

  2. Robert Reavis says:

    This is 2016 and it is undoubtedly and unfortunately a bit more fashionable today to be a secular atheist than a practicing Catholic. I am not surprised at the popularity of these reductionist, secular and decadent theories which have been around for ever, rather I am surprised at the ignorance of those who should know better. Below , for instance, is an example from 30 years ago concerning a prelate who was charged in France with hate crimes for speaking honestly and too “freely” as well as his defense. He was condemned then by the very thugs preaching secularism and now racism. Good luck with that combination.

    “The least one can say is that my reply was not pre‑meditated. I therefore replied very freely, giving my opinion of the danger of Islamic penetration into a country whose Catholic religion is violently rejected and despised by Islam. The Koran, which is the law of Islam, provokes to discrimination, to hatred and to violence. Do not attribute to me that which I denounce.

    The proofs of this hatred and of this violence are legion both in the past and in the present.

    For as long as Moslems are an insignificant minority in a Christian country they can live in a friendly way, because they follow the laws and customs of the country which accepts them. But as soon as they are numerous and organized they become aggressive and they seek to impose their laws, which are hostile to European civilization. Examples are abundant. Soon they will take charge of our city councils, and will transform our churches into mosques. We will either have to become Moslem, leave the country or become their captives. This is in the profound nature of Islam. It is not I who am racist in denouncing this very racism.

    The pretended defamation is only the statement of obvious facts. Kidnapping of white girls is well known to the police and it still exists today. It is not defamation to denounce the kidnappers of our compatriots. It is to call upon justice and demand the protection of our fellow citizens. If you prevent us from crying out against the nefarious consequences of Islam’s penetration of France and Europe, you render yourselves accomplices to the violence committed in the name of the Koran by Islam in our Christian countries. It is they who have undertaken this procedure against us, a procedure which truly shows the fundamental racism of Islam against the French, against the Jews and against every religion which is not Moslem.

    It is not I who am racist because I denounce racism. I lived all my life in the midst of other races ‑ thirty years in Africa, among animists and Moslems. There I strove to bring them both spiritual and material goods ‑ schools, hospitals, etc. They showed their gratitude in decorating me as Officer of the Equatorial Star of Gabon and Grand Officer of the National Order of Senegal, and the French government recognized my overseas services by making me Officer of the Legion of Honor.

    To condemn me as a racist because I seek to protect my country which is menaced in its very existence and Christian traditions… this would be to use justice for injustice. This would be the justice at the service of executioners whose victims have at most the right to keep quiet and to perish. This would be the summit of injustice.

    † Marcel Lefebvre Ecône

    May 12, 1990

  3. Sharif Said says:

    As someone who has read and learned of the Koran, the reading that this prelate speaks of is the most clear interpretation. There is violence inspired by the Koran and we see violence attached to the followers, why this is so hard to figure out, I cannot tell. There might be some peaceful readers of the Koran, or practicioners of Islam, but to keep them happy we must not turn our heads from what this culture and its teachings are capable of. I have never seen this letter, thank you Mr. Reavis for posting it.

  4. Robert Reavis says:

    I was referring also to Dr. T’s assertion in another article that the writing was on the wall a decade ago in Italy for some atheist/christian or cultural/ christian accused of a similar hate crime. Hell, this stuff has been going on for at least fifty years but for half that time the secularist were too blind to see the consequences of their freedom from religion rhetoric and their silly notions of what really informs a culture .