The Best Revenge, Episode 9: Smoking Pork

In this episode of The Best Revenge, Chef Garret introduces the noble topic of smoked pork.

Original Air Date: May 20, 2017
Show Run Time: 1 hour 2 minutes
Show Guest(s): Chef Garret Fleming
Show Host(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming


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4 Responses

  1. Ken Rosenberger says:

    Another podcast to save and savor with Chef Garret. Here in Georgia (and most of the South) the word “barbecue” implies pork. Barbecue chicken is chicken grilled with BBQ sauce. It can be great but it’s barbecued chicken. Barbecued beef is just that and generally brisket. I love Texas brisket, but call it that. My apologies to Texans whose state I love and in which my mother contentedly lives out her retirement.

    But barbecue to me means pork. As a good Catholic friend once told me, the pig is God’s greatest invention.

    By all means, Dr Fleming, I hope you and your master chef som will continue to take us on these culinary excursions.

  2. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    A barbecued chicken would be simply smoked chicken–and smoked chicken and especially duck are delicious. It would only cause confusion, however, to describe them as barbecued chicken.

  3. Alexander Coleman says:

    Dr. Fleming’s odyssey from Los Angeles through Dallas’s barbecue restaurant sounds fascinating.

    Thank you for this wonderful series. Chef Garret’s discussion of “bark” was audibly delectable.

    Nothing can beat genuine Hungarian paprika.

    Recently had smoked goat at a fine Mexican restaurant.

    I’m sure my father who drinks whiskey sours with the best of them would cherish your variation of same, Dr. Fleming.

  4. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Re my fake whiskey sour, I only recommend it in a pinch, but I am no judge since the only mixed whiskey drinks I drink are, in descending order, Manhattans, Old Fashioneds and Sazeracs, and Juleps, which inspired a popular song that, as I recall, went something like this:

    When I drank three juleps, three four ounce Mint Juleps,
    Then I got a big red nose.
    If they do not test me
    They cannot arrest me—
    A smart man he never blows….

    Does anyone remember the other verses?