Albanian Chauvinism Is Looking for Trouble in the Balkans  (FREE)

Albanian chauvinism is looking for trouble in the Balkans.  And in the Balkans, hardcore nationalism is still the guiding force behind all socio-political developments. That’s evident in Skopje, in Kosovo, in Albania, in Serbia, in Montenegro, in Bosnia, in Croatia and in Slovenia.  In the case of the last two, the ban on the concert in Maribor (Slovenia) of Croat nationalist singer Marko Perković  triggered a new row between Zagreb and Ljubljana. This is not, however, the first time that a concert of the controversial artist is banned.

But that was the least serious of the troubles that recently erupted in the peninsula.  The Albanian penetration in the government of Skopje and its institutions, so dreaded by the chauvinists that surround Nikola Gruevski, his party (VMRO-DPMNE) and his following—all of whom are dedicated to the falsification of Macedonian history—is now an established fact.  The photo with the Albanian flag on the office of new Speaker of the Parliament in Skopje, Talat Xhaferi, is the proof.

Gruevski’s supporters reacted violently a few weeks ago, invading the parliament and attacking their opponents, but that would not and did not change anything.  An alliance of Zoran Zaev’s social democratic party (SDSM) with ethnic Albanian parties is in the works, now that the President of the country, Gjorgi Ivanov,  has succumbed to international pressure and finally given Zaev the mandate to form a government.

The American Embassy there was more interested in the formation of a government, any government,  than in the protection of the interests of VMRO. Of course, it is obvious that the Trump administration still has not drawn up its agenda on issues in the republics of the former Yugoslavia,  and American diplomacy is still acting on behalf of objectives set by the previous administration.

The Europeans, on the other hand, insist on “dialogue” in Skopje and call for “reforms” without realizing what is really at stake there… And the time is quickly coming when international observers will suddenly come to the conclusion that European bureaucrats (and not only they) have no clue as to how people in the Balkans think and live.

However, a new government will be formed, based on the so called “Tirana platform,” as Gruevski’s supporters in FYROM called the link between the Albanian parties in the country and Albania.  Of course, the Albanian government denies the existence of any such ties—calling them a myth—and Albanian premier Edi Rama rushed to give several interviews in order to downplay any fears that there is an irredentist agenda (along the lines advocated by the KLA)  that seeks the unification of all lands in the Balkans, inhabited by Albanians, into one state.  No, such an agenda would not be highly appreciated nowadays in the EU or in Moscow, or even in the USA, where the Clintons are not in power.

No one in this part of Europe can have forgotten what happened in Skopje in 2001.  The conflict between Albanian nationalists and the government that resulted in the Ohrid Agreement is brought vividly to mind by new revelations in the Balkan press that the Albanians are  stockpiling weapons that came from Kosovo into the Tetovo region.  These reports are fueling fears of renewed chao sin FYROM.

In fact,  Albanian chauvinism and  irredentism and the “Greater Albania” project that seeks to unite all Albanians in one state constitute the major problem nowadays in the Balkans.  According to Greek, Bulgarian and Russian sources, it is being sponsored by George Soros. The multimillionaire and his army of NGOs appears to have  realized how valuable it is for their globalist agenda (that seeks a general geopolitical break-up in the area) to subsidize all the actors that provide for the “protection” of Albanian “minorities,” in Skopje, in Serbia, in Montenegro.  This is the well known policy of “divide and rule.”   The most impressive aspect of all this, however, is the fact that once again, the EU’s agenda for the Western Balkans is exactly the same as that of the aforementioned millionaire.

Nikos Hidiroglou 

Nikos Hidiroglou

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  1. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Nikos, one of the problems for Americans is the complete lack of knowledge, not just about the Balkans but
    all of Europe and even of the Americas. I hope our readers understand they are getting the inside story.

  2. Dot says:

    George Soros supports or funds many NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that are liberal based. I was surprised to learn that the U.S. has hundreds of liberal, progressive organizations that are NGOs. The Clintons have an NGO called “The Clinton Health Access Initiative”. The NAACP is an NGO and is affiliated with the UN. This way I think it spreads its influence world wide. I learned of this from internet sources. It was a revelation.