Author: Nikos Hidiroglou 


Unmask Antifa!

All this chatter about reform or even revolution might sound romantic and even intriguing to some, especially in the liberal arts departments on university campuses, but the truth of these disruptions is to be found elsewhere,  in dark rooms, far away from indiscreet eyes, in government agencies.  


Albanian Chauvinism Is Looking for Trouble in the Balkans  (FREE)

Albanian chauvinism is looking for trouble in the Balkans.  And in the Balkans, hardcore nationalism is still the guiding force behind all socio-political developments. That’s evident in Skopje, in Kosovo, in Albania, in Serbia, in Montenegro, in Bosnia, in Croatia and in Slovenia.  In the case of the last two, the ban on the concert in Maribor (Slovenia) of Croat nationalist singer Marko Perković  triggered a new row between Zagreb and Ljubljana. This is not, however, the first time that a concert of the controversial artist is banned. But that was the least serious of the troubles that recently erupted...


The Balkans Powder Keg, Again (FREE CONTENT)

It’s a complete mess! The Balkans are becoming once again the powder keg of the European continent.   In the turbulent nineties, the peninsula experienced the creation of several artificial states, such as Kosovo, Bosnia and FYROM, that became cradles of Islamic terrorism as well as headquarters for criminal organizations.  Now, once again, Balkan governments are undermining the stability of Europe. Everywhere we look, there is trouble. Belgrade is plagued by antigovernment rallies and protests. The population of tiny Montenegro sharply is divided over NATO membership.  In Athens the leftist gang in power has opened the Greek and therefore European border...


Hellas: A Crisis That Is Absolutely Moral By Nikos Hidiroglou 

The nihilists, cosmopolitans and atheist bureaucrats (some of them called ironically “Christian Democrats”) that run European affairs have actually decided to destroy everything on the continent that gave birth to our civilization.  And they are ruining Hellas, the timeless source of light.  Since WWII they have subjugated, step by step, its political system, and now they are enslaving the country financially.  Hellas is sinking deeply into debt. Well, there are no political expectations right now for modern Hellenes.  Their choices are indeed limited. The urban political elite of the country is demonstrating in every chance it gets, the strange syndrome...