Europe’s Stake in the US Presidential Election

About 20 years ago, Cal Thomas stated that "America, which once promoted God and the biblical values, now opposes them, and Russia, which once opposed God and biblical values, now welcomes and promotes them.”  Yes, it is a paradox. 

In 2016, though, the long-term campaign for secularizing America and the West suffered a setback.  Donald Trump was elected, against all odds, President of the United States.  The deep state, which had decided to counterattack even before the votes had been counted, is now relying on neoconservative elements to subvert Trump’s policies.  The result can be seen in the Supreme Court’s rejection of Trump’s effort to find a solution for DACA.  If we had not known it before, it is now crystal clear that some Republican appointees were not conservatives. 

The question that is looming before the world is this: Who in America—and in the West as a whole—is going to be represented by the 46th President of the United States?  If President Trump is reelected, the winners will be the Christian–mostly conservative–patriots all over the West and not only in the United States.  If it is Joe Biden, the West will continue to lose whatever is left from its store of values, and, as the “cancel culture” campaign embraced by the Democrats spreads, the West will not be able to resist the Chinese attack on all fronts. 

It is obvious that the deep state in the US has decided to get rid of Donald Trump, at any cost. The Neocons have joined the show, siding with the left, as their former leaders did.  Since 2016, they have not had the power to make war, and they feel the deprivation.  Isolationism was a curse for them, though it is only a sign of presidential prudence (and yes, I agree with Laura Ingraham) and a blessing for the American soldiers that came home. 

The Neoconservatives were side-lined for a few years and left to fester in their resentment, some of us thought after 2016, but here they are again, the blustering warmongers, trying once again to ingratiate themselves with the Democrats.  They are seeking well-paid and influential bureaucratic jobs, after all. 

In any case, if the deep state succeeds in persuading American voters that things will get better under Biden and the people who will run him,, what might happen in the world?  How will this affect the lives of all of us who do not live in the US? 

Well, we had better be prepared to face once again the onslaught of the globalists and policies they will enforce around the world. And, though we are not prophets, we expect that the way will be open to Chinese domination, an accomplished fact already in East Africa (check the World Health Organization) and other parts of the world. We shall definitely see a renewed involvement of the US army in Syria, since there are many people in Washington who wish to topple Bashar al-Asad. That will result in the establishment there of a totalitarian and pro-Turkish Sunni regime that would immediately try to exterminate Christians, Alevi, Kurds & Yazidis. 

In Israel, many people are hoping for a Republican victory in the November election. Of course, the mayhem in the Middle East would activate a new immigration wave that would initially reach the shores of Greece, Italy, and Spain, and spread to France, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus and the UK. In other words, Europe (with the exception of the Visegrád Group) would be again inundated with immigrants.  And, things will get very dangerous for Taiwan and India, which will clash with China.  Even now, the threat for New Delhi is becoming existential. 

What about Russia? Tensions with Moscow will rise the event of a Biden victory. Of course, the Muslim Brotherhood won’t hide its joy if things go that way.  After all, they have for a long time been placing their friends everywhere in the Democratic Party’s rank and file. 

What about Iran? The neocons would do everything in their power to spark an all-out war against Tehran.  In addition, a large part of Libya is rapidly passing under Turkish control (thanks to Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton), and with Joe Biden in the White House, it will soon be transformed into an Islamist base.  The Egyptians, the Sudanese, the Greeks and the French would hardly be pleased by the Islamization of Libya, which would become a platform for immigrants trying to reach Europe. Will we expect to see the return of the staffers who plotted the destabilizing and dangerous Arab Spring? Probably, given the influence Soros people would exert on a Democrat administration. 

Of course, in case of a victory of the left in America, the Trotskyites of antifa would turn the squares of European capitals into battlefields. And the question is who’s going to stand on their way?  Liberalism isn’t able to protect law abiding citizens, and, in most places in Western Europe, where the laws are lax, the left-wing and anarchist culprits of antifa are arrested and routinely sent back to the streets. 

The truth is there is no West without the US. If things go wrong in America, Europe will succumb one day or another to the combined forces of the Islamists and European progressive policies. There are various reasons for this. Europeans have for long been conditioned to rely completely on Washington and NATO for their. The European population of the continent has long been subjected to “cancel culture” policies. Secularist, nihilist, “humanistic” and unpatriotic education, combined with left–wing terrorism have been the recipe of the progressives for several generations.  After repeated onslaughts and defeats, the European population has lost the reflexes it would need to resist the cultural Marxism, which has for decades been dominating the public sphere and the social agenda by means of the press and the universities. 

They can expect no assistance from the antichristian bureaucracy of the European Union, which refuses to protect in a determined or robust way the European way of life, much less from European politicians, who are representatives of a deeply embedded pacifist—not to say defeatist–-political attitude, and they dread turbulence of any kind. There are no more Thatchers or Sarkozys or Berlusconis left to stand up for Europe. The Christian Democrats are the main force in the European Parliament but these days they are scarcely Christian, since they opted long ago to represent industrial interests and to fight the national populists, along with the left. 

It’s quite simple: Without military muscle, there is no power.  Europeans are addicted to the pursuit of peace at any cost, and they have been until now very comfortable with NATO, without in some cases (e.g., Germany) paying the bill.  Some of us in Europe hope that American patriots and conservatives will be resolute and irreconcilable as they suffer through this obsessive media storm against the President, and  we fervently wish they will stand for Donald Trump in November, no matter what song the Sirens sing between now and then. 

Nikos Hidiroglou 

Nikos Hidiroglou

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  1. Ken Rosenberger says:

    Mr Hidiroglou is an excellent addition to the website. The European perspective on events in America are most welcome…even as the prospects get bleaker.

  2. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    I have known Nikos Hidiroglou for at least a dozen years. He is an excellent Greek journalist, print and broadcast, and a brilliant conversationalist. I remember an aw-shucks friend from Tennessee exclaiming, after I took him to a dinner with Greek friends: “I thought you talked all the time, but you couldn’t get a word in edgewise with that guy!” He may not have meant it as high praise, but that is how I would have meant it. Conversational agility remains a Greek gift.

    Speaking of which, Ken, you should be coming up here for Homer, and if not Homer, at least on some merely social occasion. I’ll be back in the Carolinas in October. Maybe I could do a small program on an author, as we did last time in Charleston.

  3. Clyde Wilson says:

    If Europe is counting on the U.S., they are in even worse shape than we thought.

  4. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    It’s a bit like Roman Britain petitioning the Emperor Honorius for help. As they say in Hunic, “Rotsa Ruck!”