Will there be a Christian World in the Future? 

Let us consider some pictures from a walk today in a big European city. They help us to gain a master's degree in the non-science called sociology. But between us, no scientific filters are needed to understand what is happening.  Then let us look at the pictures and let them speak for themselves. We see hurried people that come and go, avoiding giving the slightest importance to what is happening around them. Even if Revelation comes, they will walk at a brisk pace, without looking back, thinking that they will be able to reach home and put on their pajamas. A faceless, emotionless, helpless world, flooded with fear. So far from the masculine heroes of the '60s and' 70s movies. Today, masculinity in the West is considered toxic.  And we wonder: how will the West defend its way of life?

A group of young people, very dangerous, are walking on a main road. They look left and right, looking for opportunities and victims. We are dealing here with youngsters in a nihilist age that forgives everything and constantly seeks funny reasons to cover up for delinquent behavior. Some of these young people have already had their first encounters at precincts and courts, or are under surveillance, but do not pay a penny for it. They know that they won’t end up in prison and even if that happens, it will be a bit like a vacation: TV, billiards, food and laziness. And in a little while they will be out on the streets again. State benefits will help them survive if the crime does not pay off much for some time. 

Lights, traffic and lots of cars that’s what we see. But, the city in which we walk is not decorated though it’s Christmas. Nobody says "Merry Christmas.”  Everyone says, "Happy Holidays" and we see everywhere something about “Season Greetings”. This is so as not to offend the atheists, the leftists and in general all the minorities, existing or imaginary, of our time. It’s called political correctness.  Since we are talking about minorities, we find that in the city we walk in, the majority of the old times are no longer the majority. But, this does not concern its politicians, the local government and the city’s intellectual and business elites. After all, there is a "torrent" of accusations that is unleashed if one ever dares to talk about a city that forgets its history and loses its character.

One can walk for hours, but a bell will not ring. Churches are empty. Yes, it's Christmas but carols, most likely, we won’t hear. We will see ornaments, but they will be just lights for the "holidays of the season" and he will realize that no manger has been placed anywhere. Christian symbols are nowhere to be found. Everywhere we will see sullen faces. On the street we hear nervous honking, pedestrians and drivers are in a hurry, while people are rushing to get locked behind doors in comfortable prisons called apartments, self-exiled and very scared. Because outside, as soon as it gets dark, terror and crime prevail; the local authorities have largely accepted this. As they have accepted before corruption, expropriation, immorality and all the rest that led to this situation. 

Things are different, for the better, in the towns of Europe. There, people at least know, share, live more normally. They like, dislike, have fun together, quarrel, but they do it all together. There also finds refuge the faith, for which in the big cities there does not seem to be much space. People there have other priorities that have replaced their castrated spontaneity: their careers and jobs in general, their hypocritical communication, their streamlined daily life, their bank savings and offshore accounts, their cars, their loan servicing. 

Few see the gray clouds hovering over the skies of the big cities of the West. Few see the new Muslim conquest coming. If this situation continues, a new Reconquista will be required. But will there then be forces in Christendom for it to prevail? Will there be a Christian world in the future? Today's data discourages us. The long-term damage inflicted by left-wing social-democratic and socialist policies in the West is enormous. The heroic model of life has been eliminated; our cities are ideologically and morally unfortified. Their streets have been left to the dispositions of dangerous criminals and indifferent young men, whose only pursuit is pleasures and plunder.

This time, the political and moral Crusade that will be required must be carried out within the states of the West. This is the bitter truth.

Nikos Hidiroglou is a Greek journalist

Nikos Hidiroglou 

Nikos Hidiroglou

3 Responses

  1. James D. says:

    The only hope is that BBB is $7 trillion worth of lamp posts and rope.

  2. Dot says:

    I doubt if there will be a political and moral Crusade carried out within the states of the West. When hoodlums are sainted, abortion becomes a right and police are jailed. That to me is the bitter truth.

  3. Dot says:

    Mr. Hidiroglou, There are people here who don’t need God and don’t bother with church.