Why is Europe Taking So Many Deadly Risks? 

We thought that Europe was no longer the center of geopolitical struggle.  We thought that focus had shifted to the Pacific. We thought that Europe had escaped the specter of war. But, then, Donald Trump left the White House, the "progressive" option was adopted in the US, and, one way or another, Europe is once more at the center of developments and might become again the continent where a new and very destructive world war for humanity will start. In the West, everything is conceded to Kiev, despite the rampant corruption there, on the altar of the intended defeat of Russia, and the arsenals of the NATO member states are emptied at a critical period for the security of the West.  Of course, there is always an excuse: 

Giving away these capabilities will leave us temporarily weaker as an army, there is no denying it. But ensuring Russia's defeat in Ukraine makes us safer and, as a leading member of NATO, the world's most powerful defensive alliance, we are protected by the principle of collective defense.”

That is the justification given by General Sir Patrick Sanders, Chief of the General Staff of the British Army.  But, Davos people wonder: “What would a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Ukraine look like?”  That’s exactly the point; think how any people are investing in this bloody war. This is evil.  

In the name of war and "joint effort" in Ukraine, people of Hungarian origin and members of other minorities are forcibly recruited there to be sent to the front and used as cannon fodder. But once you get there no-one gives a damn…”  Remember the lyrics from Status Quo’s song “In The Army Now”? 

Smiling faces as you wait to land,

But once you get there no-one gives a damn

You're in the army now,

The Budapest government is furious. A large part of the European youth is sacrificed on the altar of geopolitical expediency. And no one talks about peace, which has suddenly become a forbidden word in Europe and the US. At the same time, a Chinese balloon or blimp or whatever was cruising over the US, recording practically everything. Finally, it was shot down. 

In the US, an “anonymous source” (they‘ve got plenty of them in the leftist press at every instance) remembered that something like this happened in 2019, during the days of the Trump administration. How convenient. Why hasn't anyone been notified by this time? 

In the Washington, establishment people don't realize that sooner or later they will be called upon to refute their politically motivated lies. The West is in danger because of the European and American left and their unscrupulous tactics; they manipulate everything and deceive everyone, plotting to destroy capitalism from within and impose a new liberal order everywhere. And we are told by their press that there comes the end of capitalism and that we have entered the post-capitalist era. “Davos offers unsettling glimpse of new world order” we read (Reuters) in 2017. “Billionaires Heading to Davos Reflect Changed World Order” we read (Bloomberg) in 2023. We‘ve been warned. They pretend all these Davos people they didn't see the terrible disaster they caused in Sri Lanka. But, “embrace uncertainty”, that’s what they tell us. Forget normality in nowadays jungle. 

Our faith is challenged by modernist and postmodernist standards that turn us subhuman. In Europe, Christian democracy has refused for a long time to fight the battle of ideas; it still abides by the profoundly liberal choices of the system which, in the name of individualism and “human rightsism” [sic], destroys our way of life.  And what’s left for Europe? Illegal immigration is destroying its national and social fabric, in collaboration with the “woke” movement that has taken hold in universities and the press. Christians are attacked, crime prevails turning historic cities such as Berlin into vast no-go areas, and no one protests, so as not to be "cancelled" by the hyenas of “progress." 

It is obvious that the elites are using the crises they create themselves in order to manipulate developments and turn Europe into a vast socialist commonwealth, where trivialization of life will be the rule. At Davos, various CEOs proudly display their alliance with various Antifa followers and leftist and environmental activists. The Organizers of the Forum are not hiding their intentions.

Many in Europe, after doing everything they could to bring anti-progressive politicians to power, as for example happened in Italy and elsewhere, expect support from the American Right.  The Republican victory in the mid-term elections revived the hopes in the West and beyond. In India, where the national elites are outraged at the targeted attacks on their culture by left-wing academics at American Ivy League universities, they too are hoping for a change of pace in the US. Restoring sanity in the White House is a necessary condition for the very survival of the planet. Many expect from USA and rightly so; they remember great American leaders like Ronald Reagan and the contributions they made to freedom.

Communism has changed its facade and is now presented to us as "woke" ideology and new rules in the name of “sustainability.”  People in Davos speak about the “greatest ecological crisis of our time”.  Liberal (the word resonates differently in Europe) elements of the European Right have joined the left-wing establishment camp, consciously or unconsciously. Some embrace it in order to survive politically and thus become conduits for destructive policies. Socialists and Social Democrats who hate anyway the West think they will strike and crush capitalism from within, claiming its “legitimacy crisis”. European society has never before experienced such a blatant betrayal by its leaders and its academic elites. 

We have moved into an era of profound change. NATO thinks it is isolating its adversaries, but it is in serious danger of isolating itself. The Global South is watching and waiting in the wings. The numbers are not in favor of the West, which is undermining its future with the war it has waged against the Christian faith and against the institution of family, but also with its unholy alliance with a section of radical Sunni Islam.

Nikos Hidiroglou 

Nikos Hidiroglou

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  1. Harry Colin says:

    That some Europeans are battling the satanic forces that oppress the West is admirable; that they are waiting with hopeful anticipation for help from the American GOP is ludicrous.

    That the Republicans, who could barely squeak out a win in the House and failed to take the Senate, despite every possible advantage that comes from an opposition that is both evil and feeble, speaks volumes. Even more, the so-called “Right” in America is even more belligerent concerning Ukraine than Biden ‘s neo-con handlers.

    The country is a complete mess, but the number of people that I hear loudly cheering and waving the flag over Ukraine and the balloon is inversely proportional to the number of people who can locate Ukraine on a map or know that China has 3,000 satellites orbiting the Earth.