We Should Help the West Before It Ceases To Exist 

Everything around us is changing. Cancel culture has unleashed a war on our identity. All of us who live in Europe, Western and Eastern, in America, in Australia but also in Israel, which is an advanced outpost of the West, have many common cultural characteristics, which make up a single culture, a way of life. This way of life that many of us want to defend and have done at the ballot box, in Europe and in the USA, even pushing the not so sensitive European Commission to create for a Vice-President  a special portfolio on the protection of European way of life. 

Once this was done, there were protests from all those who now openly support the various extremist movements that oppose our way of life. Radical leftists, liberals, environmentalists and others, started shouting, trying from the beginning to cancel the project. The vice president (Margaritis Schinas, of Greece's New Democracy Party)  is walking on a tightrope,  because there are also former communists in the ranks. The Commission seems to be very afraid of the progressive establishment setting the agenda in Europe. On the one hand, there are the leftists who accuse the Commission of racism and xenophobia, and on the other hand, the reality and the voters who are radicalizing, voting for national conservative and nationalist parties.

At any other time, the choice would be easy. On the one hand the patriots, on the other the communists, whatever costume the latter wear. Because the left is camouflaged, pretending to be bourgeois, taking positions in NATO and the European bureaucracy.  And from there, receiving high salaries and securing their personal future, they wage war against Christianity and Judaism, and now most recently against Hinduism, but also against patriotism, against history, against national identity, against traditions and against borders.

Thus they remove sovereignty from the nation-states, strengthen European bureaucracy and jurisdiction, and perpetuate its omnipotence by imposing agendas that destroy the Western economy, such as the energy transition. Anyone who tries to take a different view and stand in their way is destroyed by the cancel culture. The ballot box seems to be the only way of salvation now. Of course, the inhabitants of Europe's big urban centers are unable to grasp the stakes. Having become addicted to a secular way of thinking, they have easily fallen victim to liberal & leftist propaganda, in contrast to the semi-urban and rural populations, who still think in terms of faith, homeland and traditional principles and values. 

The creation of two parallel worlds in the wider West, as has already happened in the US, is inevitable. Who would have expected two or three decades ago that the external enemy would find unexpected allies inside the West! And this despite the many and bloody Islamist attacks on our urban centers! The left has been allied with the Islamists for many years, something that began in the 1970s when far-left European terrorists were training in Middle East camps by Islamist radicals.

However, the image today of the major urban centers of the West, pushes many to think twice. Many immigrants refuse to integrate and they try to impose their way of life and proselytize Europeans peoples into their own dark culture. In this light, the presidential elections in France next April are gaining in importance for the future of the West, as are the midterm elections in the United States for Congress. The West and its Christian way of life must be protected.

Nikos Hidiroglou is a Greek journalist 

Nikos Hidiroglou 

Nikos Hidiroglou

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  1. James D. says:

    This analysis goes wrong in the first paragraph. There are no shared “Judeo Christian” values and little commonality. Israel will never permit any sort of Christian ethno-religious state. Only Israel is permitted to run an ethno state.

  2. William Shofner says:

    The Left always marches under the banner of the “people”. But the “welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience.” (Albert Camus 1913 -1960). It is a terrible thing to fight constantly against self-satisfied, self-righteous prigs intoxicated on, and fully armed with, their own good conscience. But fight we must.

  3. Michael Strenk says:

    We will not vote our way out of this. Local elections still have some meaning in that they may allow us, at least temporarily, to form enclaves of civilization in a sea of chaos. We need to support local businesses, especially farmers and fisherman, local craftsmen and manufacturers. We need to support those Christian churches, bishops priests who stayed true through the Covid scam. Covid exposed the frauds among us in every facet of our society. Watch out for those who said nothing for two years, but are now jumping out in front to “lead” those who were never taken in to begin with or who quickly saw the truth of the operation. Support your local homeschooling cooperatives. I live in a “red” district (I still can’t get used to this, no doubt, intentional inversion) and we have never been able to garner more than a thirty percent refusal of the school budget. This exposes a societal corruption that will never be overturned by voting.

  4. Vince Cornell says:

    While I understand it cannot achieve anything more than very temporary relief, at best, in the face of a corrupt system and a crumbling civilization, I’m curious how the saga of the Canadian Truckers will end. It proved, to my surprise, that Canada is not as nearly far gone as I had suspected. In all the Western World I don’t think I had them pegged as the ones to make such a serious stand, but then I know little of Canada or Canadians outside of silly comedic stereotypes.

    I know public protests that disrupt society are not a good thing, but at the same time I enjoy watching Trudeau and the rest of the globalist cabal sweat, and the truckers do seem to have a large amount of support amongst the regular Canadian. It’s hard for me to think this will not end in blood and tears, but they at least seem to not be making the same mistake as the Jan 6 protestors. No half-measures – the truckers seem prepared to go the distance.

    Even if they are wildly successful, though, it would be a momentarily blip on the overall trend as it’s still just an attempt to treat advanced symptoms of a serious disease whose root cause is still mostly ignored. If they succeed, though, I’d be willing to contribute to a fund to ship the Canadian Truckers overseas to Rome. “The Honking will only stop after the Latin Mass has been fully restored.”

  5. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    James D makes a valid point, that the “values” of Judaism and Christianity are not the same, but I would suggest we need to take some account of the situation of people living in the eastern Mediterranean, particularly the Greeks who have been flooded by Third Word immigrants, a large part of them Muslims. Israel is a European colony, which combines in its system elements of Marxism and of a rather straightforward ethnic nationalism. This is something that the French right today seems to understand. Yes, Israel privileges people who claim to be Jewish, even though they may be of a very mixed origin–Slavic, Germanic, Khazar–or even simply Ethiopians who woke up one day and decided to be descendants of the Israelites. If the nations of the West refuse to privilege their own people, that is our fault, not the fault of Israel, and, if some of the greatest anti-nationalists, going back to Marx, have been and are Jewish, they are still a tiny minority. The fault lies not in the stars or with the Jews but with ourselves.

    Vince, I agree with you on two counts: That the Canadian truckers are a wonderful sign of life and that it is unexpected. However, truckers are a cantankerous lot even in America. I have no idea of the regional composition of the convoy, but I believe the impetus came largely from the West. Western Canadians have been historically more populist and more opposed to a national government dominated by Ontario and Quebec. As my friend Peter Brimelow argued decades ago in a fine book on Canada (which, he says, I am one of the few people to have read), there is no Canadian nation. Quebec should be its own country, but the Western provinces are part of a generic North American West.

    I’d add one little point. While the truckers seem prepared to go the distance, they are not so permeated or dominated by extremist kooks. Trudeau, in accusing them of having Nazi sympathies, is lying in his weaseling teeth. If we can believe the DM reporters who imbedded with the truckers, they are just normal North American types. Have you seen that French truckers are now following suit?

  6. Michael Strenk says:

    It’s probably time for me to revisit Andzej Vajada’s films Man of Marble and Man of Iron in which Vajda examines, among other things, the theme of the industrial hero and the essential problems facing the workers and the intellectual classes in joining forces to overthrow the regime, with both factions misunderstanding each-other’s goals therefore actually leading to each acting against the other until the Solidarity movement brought them together. This was a long process starting in the early 70’s. The Canadian truckers seem to have spontaneously inspired this solidarity, which appears to be spreading globally. Perhaps this is because in North America there is not such a stark divide between the university educated and the working classes. In Europe, at least East and Central Europe, which I know better than the West, the university educated have a tendency to think of themselves and act like a higher species of human being. I always found this to be outrageously and humorously arrogant.

    Then, again, maybe it’s just the red and white flags acting on my imagination.

  7. Michael Strenk says:

    The truckers and those who are supporting them seem to be willing and able to make the sacrifices necessary to get the job done. This was an essential attitude of the Solidarity movement. There was a tremendous spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance in Poland in the late 80’s. The only way to accomplish the overthrow of a tyrannical regime such as infests both Canada and the U.S., as it was in the Soviet sphere, is to refuse cooperation with the regime and be willing to make the necessary sacrifices that this entails, and to support those allies who are lacking in means.We are still a much wealthier society than was Poland in the 80’s. What are we willing to give up?

  8. Michael Strenk says:

    S/B Andrzej Wajda, I’m afraid that I find Polish as difficult to type as most non-Polish speakers find to pronounce.

  9. Gregg Zuman says:

    I love the energy in these sorts of articles. And the 800,000,000,000,000,000,000… gorilla in the room? Fiat debt note systems masquerading as stores of value aka coins aka currency aka money. Across the traditionalist spectrum, I nary see a soul focus on the cause driving all the symptoms of cultural rot: a beyond bankrupt set of banksters getting by day after day floating what must be the biggest scam in the history of the world—and enough of us are complicit that it stands yet another day. And another. And another.