Unmask Antifa!

What is the point of these riots in America, and what is it the rioters are demanding?

It’s not a question of "reform,"  especially these days.  We don’t live in the ‘60s, when Leftists declared their intention of transforming society. They have more or less got what they wanted, but while they have transformed society, they have scarcely reformed it.

After all, have  you spotted any reforms in American states or cities dominated by the Democratic Party?  Well, all this chatter about reform or even revolution might sound romantic and even intriguing to some, especially in the liberal arts departments on university campuses, but the truth of these disruptions is to be found elsewhere,  in dark rooms, far away from indiscreet eyes, in government agencies.  Their objectives, if they were stated openly, would strike most people as nefarious,  but, to the elite that pulls the strings,  they are quite specific  and concrete.

The subject, in case anyone has missed it, is Antifa, the “agent provocateurs” in Portland, in Minneapolis, in New York, in London, in Berlin, in Athens. There is no hierarchy, no offices, just subsidized individuals, byproducts of a nihilist education that deconstructs all values, hostile to God, tradition, and national myths and narratives. And all of it is paid by the taxpayers who might think differently, but taxpaying citizens are not the ones to decide. What we are dealing with is  the permanent revolution, as envisioned by Leon Trotsky.  It is here, at work,  destroying the very fabric of the national states of the West, of Europe and, perhaps most importantly,  America.  

It seems the Antifa has decided to come forward for what they have labelled as the battle that  will change history.  Donald Trump has to be dethroned.  Why?  Because  the American President dares to be a fearless patriot, an outspoken champion of  national struggles against globalization. This is the man who  even dared to take a photo with the Bible in his hands.  What could be more infuriating to theLeft?  

The Antifa directorate has instructed their people to do exactly that: to dethrone the President, before it’s too late. That is, before he could lay the foundation for a  solid conservative majority in the Supreme Court that would last for more than a generation. And the Antifa can rely on the laws of western democracies that tend to tolerate excesses from their disoriented youth, that kind of activism by the left (and, guess what, never by the right) and NGO elements that includes riots and looting. And they have created a left wing cabal that very aggressively and sets the agenda on the solid foundation of political correctness.  On this objective we see converging all the  progressive elements of the elite: media, professional activists, even the clergy! 

In Europe, these people are practically everywhere, using the  social media--always on their side-- for their communications.  Small groups, they hit and run.  They cover themselves from top to bottom with black clothes, so that they become undetectable, and they don’t leave behind, when they commit crimes, DNA traces.  And of course, when arrested, they take advantage of laws that protect their identities and the excessive leniency of the courts that is typical  in most western countries.  Left wing lawyers will always rush to defend them and invisible hands will pay for the expenses of the “human rights activists.”

And they follow to the letter the instructions in their handbook, with an almost military discipline, denouncing their ancestors. Look what they’ve done in Bristol, where they pulled down the statue of Edward Colston and  threw it into the harbor!  There, the Labour Party mayor Marvin Rees stated that the statue was "an affront"!  Although Boris Johnson correctly described what happened as a "criminal act," but,  criminal or not, the Avon & Somerset Police decided not to intervene. Isn’t that double talk!  The same mess in London, where the statue of Winston Churchill was desecrated by a crowd and the late British politician who defeated Nazism labelled… racist!  Have you, by the way, noticed how embarrassed they look on camera, when left wing politicians in America and in Europe are called to answer questions on the Antifa problem? 

Antifa is as elusive as a ghost,  but it is really much more than a mere platform for advancing ideas.  For everyone who dares to follow the money, there is always an answer.  And they have many hideaways. In some cases, Antifa can be found in the ranks of certain football fan clubs in Europe. There, they try to gain popularity among the youth by their  manifestations of radicalism and violence.

As successful as Antifa activists have been in avoiding detection, there is, however,  something  Americans and Europeans could do to defeat them: Simply , unmask them when they get caught. And leave the rest to the press, at least to what remains of the free press. and to  society. That way the authorities, if they are really interested, could deprive them of every tactical advantage and turn them from hunters into prey for district attorneys. Freedom is precious, and neither Stalinists nor other extremis should enjoy immunity, when they attempt to destroy it. 

Nikos Hidiroglou is a newspaper and television journalist in Athens.

Nikos Hidiroglou 

Nikos Hidiroglou

8 Responses

  1. Frank Brownlow says:

    Well, the good people of Huntington Beach simply ran them out of town.

  2. Allen Wilson says:

    There are already anti-mask laws in place here in the evil empire. They need to be enforced.

    I think our rulers are pushing things to such an extreme because they are scared. They may be losing their grip on power.

  3. Dominick D says:

    Who’s scared? Romney has landed and the situation is well in hand.

  4. Dot says:

    So the Antifa are “subsidized individuals”! Who is subsidizing them? Someone who funds all manner of leftist groups?

  5. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    Dot, my first guess is George Soros.

  6. Dot says:

    Yes. His Open Society Foundation funds many leftist organizations. You may find it in Discover the Networks. org a guide to the political left.

  7. Frank Brownlow says:

    Thanks for the link. Will the FBI now do what it’s supposed to do, and identify the funders of this scum?