Donald Trump: Genius or Chump?

For decades I have opposed the special relationship by which the Israeli tail wags the American dog, but, as I wrote recently on this site, I no longer care very much.  The Muslims of the world hate our guts and are slaughtering innocent people in Europe and the United States.  By any reasonable political standard, they have forfeited the right to be taken seriously.

Spear-head by the Palestinians, their friends in the Muslim world, and the terrified Europeans who refuse to resist the ongoing invasion of Muslim enemies, the anti-Christian vermin who control the United Nations have rebuked the the American President’s decision. Before the vote,  Trump faced the rising tide of international opposition, by declaring:

“Let them vote against us,” Trump said. “We’ll save a lot. We don’t care.”

It would have been better if he had kept Niki Haley locked up somewhere in a secure facility, but even her ranting and raving can hardly diminish the gaudy glory of the moment.

Trump  remains defiant.  Most of the European leadership regards Trump as a maniac.  But that is not the main reason why he is hated.  Take off the last three letters of ‘maniac,’ and you have the real reason.  They hate him because at the United States has a leader who at least acts like a man.

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Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming is president of the Fleming Foundation. He is the author of six books, including The Morality of Everyday Life and The Politics of Human Nature, as well as many articles and columns for newspapers, magazines,and learned journals. He holds a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a B.A. in Greek from the College of Charleston. He served as editor of Chronicles: a Magazine of American Culture from 1984 to 2015 and president of The Rockford Institute from 1997-2014. In a previous life he taught classics at several colleges and served as a school headmaster in South Carolina

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  1. Raymond Olson says:

    Like a man, but well?

  2. Robert Peters says:

    Oft times I intuit or apprehend emerging dispositions for which I lack the capacity and the talent to express. This is one of those times, but as the little puppy in this pack of hounds, I will dare to tumble over the log over which the rest bound. “They” hate Trump – and I do not assert that “they” themselves are conscious of the reason – because Trump articulated without fully realizing it himself a sentiment of something, exactly what is not necessarily clear, which resonated with the deporables much like the howl of the occasional wolf in these climes resonates with my Catahoula Leopards, dogs descended from the Southern Red Wolf. There stirs within them a wolfishness which they do not understand but for which they have a fearful affinity. Deep down, the deplorables, the Hobbits, the Old Narians heard in the call of the Brooklyn Playboy, an unlikely medium, which in its unlikeliness suggests something Providential, the echoes of something genuine and worthwhile which was lost. Those who hate Trump and would destroy him if they could also hate those to whom he has given, at least superficially, voice; but deep down what they hate, yea, what they fear, is that the something-genuine, the something-worthwhile could again take form and thereby transform the age. They would have no power and little place in that transformed age.

  3. Robert Reavis says:

    These are bi partisan issues Trump can count on for support from both sides of the political spectrum like his recent Christmas commutations of long term prison sentences. I have no idea if they are American interests requiring courage but they are certainly in his long term political interest.

  4. Allen Wilson says:

    Trump refuses to apologize for being western, white, or part of European civilization, or for at least showing respect for Christianity. He will not apologize or show the least bit of guilt over being what he is. An he is a man, and unapologetic about that as well. There may be more to it, but that is at least part of the howl the elites fear and the deplorables are stirred by.

  5. Robert Reavis says:

    President Trimp is certainly a kind or type of man. A man with no arms and legs, is still a man. A man who never apologizes is still a man, a man who is politically astute and quite cunning is still a man, and a man who is not Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama is also a man. I have no idea if saying that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is manly, Christian, polite or expedient. Our Ambassador to the United Nations and Josh Bolton certainly are praising the decision as well as Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Two cheers for both sides

  6. Ken Rosenberger says:

    Thank you Mr Peters and Mr Wilson. I couldn’t say it better (few can say it better than Mr Peters most days). For all his flaws, Trump is no boilerplate Republican (e.g., McCain, Romney, lil Marco), and he is Not-Hilary. He still has all the right enemies, and as long as they’re agin him, I’m fer him. We at least know who we voted against.

    Trump is indeed at least a man of some kind, unlike, say, Al Franken (who, now that he is freed from his legislative duties, may soon take up the presidency of the Unfunny Comics Association, vacant since the passing of Dick Gregory).

  7. Robert Peters says:

    There is something Byzantine about Trump. I use the term “Byzantine” metaphorically, not historically, as in cunning, inscrutable and hidden. There are times when Trump appears to be the rebellious puppet, tugging the strings so strongly as to pull his Marionettenmeister off their perch. At other times, it seems that he has all of this choreographed in his mind, such that what appears to be unreflected and knee-jerked is actually well planned and his would-be handlers are his unwitting pawns.

    A case in point is the issue over Jerusalem. Trump articulated in office what other Presidents articulated as they ran for office – Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Trump articulated in office what the Senate with 90% of the vote had affirmed nearly two decades ago – Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Trump articulated in office what the Israeli leadership has maintained – Jerusalem is the capital of Israel.

    Trump has thrown the Israeli leadership a bone which they are gnawing with great relish at the moment. He may not throw them any more bones, however. He has leveraged yesterday’s UN General Assembly vote against his stand on Jerusalem to bring a ground swell of demands, not only from his base but from certain elements on the left and the right to reduce the funding for the UN and to drastically curtain U.S. foreign aid. Today, Trump spoke out against the failed U.S. policy in the Middle East and the wasted trillions of dollars on that project. Is Trump perhaps leveraging the sentiment to bring the dollars home for his wall and infrastructure plans against the neo-con plans for continued war in Syria and a new war in Iran? It seems that Trump knows that he has a table prepared before him in the presence of his enemies, and his enemies are not just Democrats, Republicans, the media, the academy and Hollywood; his enemies are in his own cabinet, on his own staff and in his own family. All very Byzantine, at least metaphorically.

    As to the UN, I will ad this. I was always proud that the Security Council operated on a Southern principle: John C. Calhoun’s current majority. There is a movement afoot to abolish the concurrent majority of the Security Council, a movement, at least publicly, led by none other than Nikki Haley! (Now what happened to the Battle Flag at the Capitol?)

  8. Robert Reavis says:

    Well said, Mr. Peters. (again) And a Merry Christmas to you and all.

  9. Laura Brickman says:

    Laura Brickman, I agree with. ROBERT PETERS,and would like to add the following. Trmp the self proclaimed “deal maker” made
    a “bad deal”,because he gave Israel Jerusalem as their CAPITAL
    required Israel to STOPMAKING SETTLEMENTS in the west bank
    at least, and then the U.S. would recognize JERUSALEM as Israel’s
    capital. In addition the Palestinians should hve been included in
    some way…

    So, maybe ROBERT PETERS is right in thinking Trump might be trying to get the U.S. out of the middle east, maybe. But TRUMP
    also likes to SIMPLY DO SOMETHING, SIGN SOMETHING as THOMAS FRIEDMAN would say. Trump has made the situation
    worse by his need to do something and get publicly of any kind.
    There were moreriots

  10. Laura Brickman says:

    Laura Brickman, Hit the post comment in error, not finished, and
    not proof read., Sorry for errors not corrected in my above comments. There were more riots by Palestinians in JERUSALEM
    and the West Bank yesterday, and there will be more over this issue
    of JERUSALEM as Israel’s capital, and unfortunately little chance for PEACE. POORLY ORCASTRAED DEAL BY TRUMP! THERE IS A
    RATHER HUMOROUS BOOK OUT BY P. J. O’ROUKE “HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN;, that gives some insight as how and I quote a good movie producer SORKIN TRUMP,” A THOROUGHLY
    been elected president. Wow, AARON SORKIN’S EXWIFE MAILED
    WHO LIVES WITH HIS EXWIFE TO VANITY FAIR.COM, AND IT WAS PUBLISHED! (Be careful what you write to exwife’s family😉)
    Sorkin’s latest thought provoking movie is “MOLLY’S GAME”, A

  11. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Laura, I think most people have misread my intention. My analysis of Trump’s decision has mostly to do with his political calculations. As I explained to James–whose arguments I heartily endorse with one caveat–the Israeli government under Netanyahu would say or do anything, make any promise, to gain its objectives. Promises mean nothing to people who entirely amoral in their quest for power. In other words, they are as bad as our own leaders. Palaestinian Muslim extremists, in supporting terror, have taken themselves out of the equation. I feel mostly for the decent Christians–and some Muslims–who are preyed upon by the terrorists on both sides.

    One thing you said was astounding. PJ O’Rourke humorous? He hasn’t been funny since perhaps the early 80’s. The last time I saw him speak, he laughed before each punch line, which was a good thing because then we knew when he had said something supposedly amusing. He mad a career as a cheap vulgarian pretending to understand politics. And when the real thing comes along–the cheap vulgarian with orange hair–he is frightened. Typical movement conserv ative.

  12. Laura Brickman says:

    Tom, in reply to your comments I was going to suggest you read
    the NYTimes front page on Fri. Dec. 29, 2017 with their analysis of
    TRUMP and his presidency. But, after tonghts news regarding
    Trump’s response to the North Korean leader I think most rational
    people would agree Trump has gone too far…This is dangerous; you
    do not speak casually about NUCLEAR WAR!

    Trump may have some political savvy, but what a pity he became
    president. Trump needs to take diplomatic lessons from men like
    KISSINGER, ABEL EDEN, and even you… I ‘m sure you had to practice diplomacy during your career as editor of the CHRONICLES, and now, responding to all our comments… I hope
    Tump does not get us into a war period.

    Regarding P.J. O’ROURKE, I saw his book on a table with best sellers, and read it. I ‘ve never heard of him. However, I checked
    him out on the internet and he gets good reviews, even from the
    NEW YORK TIMES. ( Incidentally the article in the TIMES I mentioned is worth reading) Also, they mentioned O’ROURKE has
    more citations in the PENGUIN DICTIONARY OF HUMEROUS QUOTATIONS than any living writer; he’s written 17 books! So,
    someone thinks he is humerous.

    But O’ROURKE is small stuff. Trump is not; he is the president of
    one of the most powerful nations in the world, and he should
    start speaking like a tempered. , thoughtful, rational leader of our
    Again, wishing you a happy healthy NEW YEAR!