Actually, progressives, Nuremberg condemned Nazi abortions

Now the far-left protesters are branding pro-lifers “Nazis.” It happened when pro-lifer Kirstan Hawkins spoke at Cal State Fullerton at the request of CSUF Students for Life. That indicates how poorly the protesters were schooled in history, as well as their inability to do a simple Google search that took me a minute to find the facts (which I already knew).

According to a study by Jeffrey C. Tuomala, “Nuremberg and the Crimes of Abortion”: “The crime of abortion played prominently in two international trials held at Nuremberg following World War II – the Goering and Greifelt cases. Allied prosecutors made the case that voluntary and involuntary abortion were war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Goering judgment identified the Political Leadership Corps of the Nazi Party as a criminal organization, in part because of its policies promoting abortion.

“The Greifelt indictment charged ten defendants with voluntary and involuntary abortion. The prosecution’s case focused in part on the Nazis’ removal of the protection of law from unborn children in occupied Poland and unborn children of Eastern workers in Germany that the Nazis considered racially non-valuable.”

Goering, the No. 2 Nazi after Hitler, was condemned to be hanged, but committed suicide. Ulrich Greifelt, an SS thug, was condemned to life in prison and died at Landsberg Prison.

After the talk and protests, the Orange County Register ran two op-eds. One was by Brooke Paz, president of CSUF Students for Life, who wrote: “In a society that stands for social justice, yet encourages women to kill their babies, Cal State Fullerton’s pro-life club has worked tirelessly to create an environment on campus that supports pregnant and parenting students. In conjunction with this mission, CSUF Students for Life hosted abortion abolitionist Kristan Hawkins to speak on campus. Kristan is the president of Students for Life of America, the largest pro-life youth organization in the nation. Since 2006, she has grown SFLA from a few dozen pro-life student groups to over 1,200 high school and college clubs throughout all 50 states.”

It’s too bad she used the language of her oppressors, such as “social justice,” which means socialism; “justice” by itself would have sufficed.

Next to it was an op-ed by the leader of the pro-abortion protesters, Connor Atwood, a student organizer for Refuse Fascism Orange County, who wrote: 

“The situation humanity faces is dire.

“A fascist regime is in power in the most powerful nation in the world, led by a demented bully who has threatened to obliterate entire countries. It is no exaggeration to say that what the Trump/Pence regime is unleashing and seeks to impose on the people of the world is an American fascism steeped in white supremacy, misogyny and xenophobic nationalism.”

The tone of the whole piece, which uses “fascism” or “fascist” 14 times, is that of a young Red Guard during Mao’s Cultural Revolution 50 years ago, shutting down all voices it doesn’t agree with: “Last year, we stood with students who righteously shut down the Trump regime mouthpiece Milo Yiannopoulos at UC Berkeley, and we were part of preventing the parade of fascist monsters from storming the same campus in a so-called ‘Free Speech Week’ last September.

“A common rhetorical tactic for the fascists like Milo, Ben Shapiro, and now Kristan Hawkins and the Young Americas Foundation, is to hide behind ‘free speech.’ They moan about protesters disrupting or even just standing outside of their Hitler-youth recruitment rallies as if that somehow undoes all of the support they receive from the Trump regime and the fascist movement (and its myriad well-funded networks and organizations) that has been building for decades in this country.”

“Hitler Youth” – hmmm. Interesting analogy. 

Atwood probably doesn’t know it, but it was leftists who started the Free Speech Movement at Berkeley in 1964. And he also apparently doesn’t know that Shapiro is Jewish and Milo’s mother is Jewish, meaning under Jewish law, he’s Jewish, and so would have been shipped to Auschwitz.

Atwood continues: “Echoing the Third Reich itself, which outlawed abortion, cruel fanatics like Hawkins and her personal friend Mike Pence, driven by their ideological and religious opposition to women’s liberation, seek to impose a real-life ‘Handmaid’s Tale,’ with women relegated to mere breeders or incubators, subordinate and shackled to a patriarchal order that sees them merely as objects. This is what so-called ‘pro-lifers’ are all about — control over women, not saving lives (as evidenced by their bombings of clinics and outright murder of heroic doctors who provide abortions).”

“A Handmaid’s Tale,” if you’re lucky enough not to know, is a TV show based on a feminist novel by Canadian Margaret Atwood (not sure if she’s any relation to Connor). I haven’t seen it, but in its fictional world, apparently women are forced to bear children. It’s a ludicrous comparison given that, in America and throughout the West, birth rates are so low they’re at extinction levels. A more apt novel about ongoing natal policy is Huxley’s “Brave New World.”

Of course, real pro-lifers always have condemned killing abortionists, something that has occurred in the United States only twice in the past 20 years.

He apparently also doesn’t know that 28 percent of the abortions in America are of black babies, even though blacks are just 13 percent of the population; that’s more than twice the national rate. Hitler is dancing a jig in hell.

We can only hope Young Master Atwood comes to his senses before he starts imposing on America his version of Cambodia under Pol Pot.

John Seiler

John Seiler