Rex Scott on the Cicero Summer Symposium

Rex Scott gives his own unique take on the Cicero Summer Symposium.

Warning: Content not recommended for persons over the mental age of 15.


The Fleming Foundation

11 Responses

  1. Ken Rosenberger says:

    I’m sold. You got me at Sherman and Peabody.

  2. Khater M says:

    “Warning: Content not recommended for persons over the mental age of 15.”

    15? 10 is probably more accurate

  3. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Khater, “Youth is wasted on the young.” It will be good to see you in July at the Cicero program.

  4. Raymond Olson says:

    Better than the real thing, I say! Than Sherman and Mr. Peabody, that would be. Not than the Summer Symposium . . . I think.

  5. Ken Rosenberger says:

    According to the legend, the late Sonny Bono started out as a flunky, working for one of Dr Fleming’s “favorites,” Phil Spector, who used the future Mr Sarkisian as a sort of barometer. After listening to a new “wall of sound” track by one of his girl groups, Spector would ask, “is it dumb enough, Sonny? Is it dumb enough?” I think Rex has passed the test. Now if we can just get him in the same room with Eddie Van Halen.

  6. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Back story. Rex did this as a sketch of a routine in which I would play myself. This is more or less a demo. When I heard it, I thought it was perfectly zany and should not be touched. We are getting ready to do more parodies and a series of short video lectures. Last year Rex produced quite a credible rock video for his band’s reunion. All kidding aside–or, most kidding aside–Rex has proved to be an invaluable addition.

  7. Rex Scott says:

    Ken, are you insulting me? If so, not cool. We all have oir gifts. Eddie has his and I have mine. Please clarify your comments.

  8. Ken Rosenberger says:

    Sorry, that may have come off badly. Definitely NOT an insult. I like the energy and the parody, and look forward to hearing more. Also, more of your conversations with Dr Fleming, which do a great job at fleshing out basic principles. As for Eddie, his ability is undoubted, though it’s been a long time since I listened to much rock.

  9. Rex Scott says:

    Thanks Ken. I appreciate your input.

  10. James D. says:

    As a fan of skilled guitar players, I have to say that, Eddie Van Halen created a sound and style that was completely new. I had never heard anything like that before. Van Halen’s songwriting is weak, but his guitar playing is pretty incredible.

  11. Rex Scott says:

    James; Eruption says it all.