Q and A, June 2018 Part 3: From Under the Rubble, Episode 31

From Under the Rubble with Dr. Fleming and Rex Scott: "Q and A, June 2018 Part 3."

Original Air Date: June 25, 2018
Show Run Time: 31 minutes
Show Guest(s): Dr. Thomas Fleming
Show Host(s): Rex Scott


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  1. Khater M says:

    Dr. Fleming

    I chuckled a bit when you discussed the “brudish adolescent” who wonders what folks think of him and whether he’ll be successful.

    I don’t really have the first problem because I knew by middle school that kids judge other kids by artificial/meaningless things.

    One of the main issues I’ve encountered is a lack of decent conversation among folks my age( even ones who we’d say have been well-educated) At Christendom where I go to school, I can sit with one of three groups at meals. There are the kids who like to discuss campus gossip/drama, the kids who drown on endlessly about the most recent political crisis( these kids are virtually all NeoCons who will view you as a traitor if you don’t support what Trump or Ted Cruz stand for) and the “RadTrads” who bicker about what the correct interpretation of some council documents written 600 years ago is. Most of these kids love to argue, and can’t take any disagreement without getting upset/emotional. There are maybe 4 or 5 people I know who can have a decent conversation about anything. It’s best to listen and learn at my age, as you say.

    And a bit on the March for Life. Almost the entire student body at Christendom attended the March. I spent the whole thing walking with my Latin professor discussing Classics, because there wasn’t anything interesting going on. At one point during the March, I turned and heard a whole group of kids chanting “Party hard for Jesus!” At that point, I asked myself “Why are you here?” There were many other silly chants I don’t recall. It seemed more like a party than anything serious.