Rex Scott

Rex Scott

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  1. Avatar Craig Klampe says:

    Dad gum it, it’s Gumm! Judy Garland (born Frances Ethel Gumm; June 10, 1922 – June 22, 1969)

  2. Thomas Fleming Thomas Fleming says:

    I’ll tell Rex. Sounded strangely Italian to me, but what do I know about Judy G except I can’t stand to watch or hear her. We used to have a cat whose nervous suspicion bordered on psychosis. We called her Marion, but we should have named her Judy.

  3. Avatar Rex Scott says:

    Mr. Klampe, You are correct sir! My apologies. Between this and the Tarzan yell that actually was Johnny Weissmuller, not some weird recording of 3 voices, I am forced to scrutinize my resources and be sure my notes are legible. Thank you for the correction. Your input is always welcome here.

  4. Thomas Fleming Thomas Fleming says:

    I thought perhaps Judy was a gooey piece of tooth-rotting candy shaped like a bear.

  5. Avatar Rex Scott says:

    Well, She is not a flowery wreath either, the name can be deceiving…

  6. Thomas Fleming Thomas Fleming says:

    Never. After all, who is “the King”?

  7. Avatar Ken Rosenberger says:

    I knew a woman in LA who befriended Liza while they were both inmates at Betty Ford. Liza’s claim to her, repeated on 60 Minutes, was that she’d landed in rehab thanks to Bailey’s Irish Creme. Assuming that’s the truth, what a thing to say. Better to be an honest drunk or pill popper.

    I’d heard that many A-List actors thought Mickey Rooney was more talented than anyone in Hollywood. When I could stomach a few minutes worth of one of the many awful films he was in, I had to admit there was something to that claim. The trouble is, over the 90-odd years he was rolling up all the credits that comprise his endless filmography, there seem to be very few movies there that even rise up to the level of good. I guess there was nothing he could do about the physical stature that precluded him from getting all those leading man roles that Duke and Gary and Cary and Jimmy were getting in all those Ford and Hitch and Capra and Hawks classics.