Systemic Sexism

I am not just angry. No, “angry” does not begin to describe my outrage. For 400 years, my people have been oppressed and living in fear. And this injustice has been virtually ignored while we continue to suffer torment and mistreatment. 

Of course, I am referring to the FACT of Systemic Sexism in America. Specifically, the obvious selection and targeting of males for shooting by police officers in this country. It is a blight on our society and the only methods to make our voices heard may be mass rioting, looting, burning, brick-throwing, female-statue toppling, and various other forms of general destruction and lawless disorder.

The mountain of evidence simply cannot be denied. One cannot ignore the statistics. According to a plethora of studies, it can be shown with certainty that 95 percent of people shot by police officers in this country are MEN. While the fairer sex are getting off scot free with their criminality, no one can deny that men are being targeted for abuse. They are clearly being singled out by the blue devils. Far too long have we ignored this stain on human history. And those unwilling to speak out (and remember, silence is consent) are either blind or complicit to the murderous scheme. 

Now, I know there are bigots among us who will try to interject wild theories such as men are more prone to violent police contacts due to their disproportionate proclivity to carry out violent, criminal acts. But EVERYONE KNOWS anyone who would utter such dastardly facts are obviously SEXIST (or, if male, an “Uncle Barbara,” selling out their male brothers in a cowardly attempt to gain favor with females). These despicable wretches should be dismissed out of hand, their jobs taken from them, their reputations maligned, arrested, and have whatever others means of punishment inflicted on them post haste. 

A clarion call needs to be sounded on this great injustice. Those who dare not wish to be on the wrong side of history must waste no time in joining with me and my male brethren in our extreme moral outrage at 400 years of indignity at the hands of The Man…err, or, WOman.  Atonement by women must be made. The full measure of this is incomprehensibly vast, but I would suggest reparation ceremonies including (but not limited to) feet-washing, back-rubbing, beer-fetching, and sandwich-making.

You may say I’m a dreamer. But, surely, I’m not the only one. We must begin the conversation before any real healing can occur. 

Josh Doggrell

Josh Doggrell

4 Responses

  1. Sam Dickson says:

    Bravo, Doggrell! Wonderful! I have long wanted an opportunity to confront people like Joe Biden who have embraced the narrative of discriminatory law enforcement as “proven” by the fact that African Americans make up a portion of inmates that exceeds their % of the population with precisely this argument made by Mr. Doggrell.

    If biology does not matter in setting public policy, if biology is irrelevant (or worse – “racist” or “sexist”), then apply the rule to sex too! And to a matter in which a disfavored group (men) is being treated more poorly than a favored group (women – or at least the unhappy, genetic dead end ones who don’t want a happy family and children).

    America is Cloud-Kookoo-Land far beyond the imagination of an Aristophanes.

    The silly make-believe mantra “all men are created equal” has been the “Fatal Irrtum”, the fatal error of the American experiment. If only titled English aristocrats had not snobbishly demeaned Jefferson and hurt his feelings, how different the world might have been!

  2. Vince Cornell says:

    This reminds me of the immortal words of a great poem:
    “Put another log on the fire,
    Cook me up some bacon and some beans,
    Go out to the car and change the tire,
    Wash my socks and sew my old blue jeans.
    Fill my pipe, and then go fetch my slippers,
    Then boil me up another pot of tea.
    Then put another log on the fire,
    And come and tell me why you’re leaving me.”

  3. Josh Doggrell says:

    Perhaps I would be remiss if I didn’t mention here that I have been happily married to my wife and the mother of our three children for over fifteen years now. She views the lunacy of the current world in much the same lens as me. She also accepts the role the Lord has given her, the strengths and weaknesses He gave her as He gave us all. She is my helpmeet, my ballast, and my best friend. And she enjoys satire and humor. We are headed toward the better world that awaits, having no issue leaving behind this hog farm in which we currently reside.

  4. Vince Cornell says:

    Give you joy of your happy marriage, Mr. Doggrell! May you share many more happy years together, comrades in this hostile world!