The “Debate”

Trump blew it.  The President of the United States allowed himself to be called a “liar”  and a “clown,” an enormity that has not even been noticed.  And he failed to deal effectively with any of his opponent’s smooth lies.  For millions of shallow, naïve, clueless Americans, Biden appeared “Presidential” and  as Trump’s superior in character, knowledge, and constructiveness.

In fact, of course, Biden is an ethically challenged phony  who has done nothing except spend 47 tears getting rich at the public trough and who threatens to let loose the final phase of the revolutionary destructiveness that will finish off the country we have known.  But he has the  Establishment patter down pat.  It is somewhat reminiscent of 1980 when the shallow movie actor Reagan assumed a pose of superiority to the  more intelligent and accomplished Carter.  It worked.  

Of course, we have to realise that these things are not really debates, which can sometimes be enlightening.  They are orchestrated media shows  which are controlled by “questions” carefully designed to keep the discussion safe for the Deep State.  Trump accommodated this fraud by concentrating his remarks on ephemeral issues.

Trump appeared harassed---not surprising since no elected head of state in all of history has ever received the massive and malicious media attack that he has suffered.  However, the fundamental problem is that Trump does not understand his enemy and the perilous state that his society is in.  This is shown by his failure to appoint officials that support him but instead to rely on the ready stable of Republican hacks.  His own appointees castigate him and he has accomplished little. 

 His greatest enemy, the Republican Establishment, has done him in, with the active support of his second greatest enemy, himself.  He really does not get it.  He does not see the big picture.  Perhaps because his mind is simply not wide enough or because the  experience when he came to the Executive Mansion was simply not wide enough.  He claimed to be for a reformation without understanding the situation he wanted to reform.  Experience with crooked businessmen comes to nothing in a contest with the dirty tricks which parasites in power and their countless minions are capable of deploying.

Let us pray that the actual election will not turn into a catastrophe.  It is possible that Trump can win simply because enough Americans are disgusted with the state of things—but he has to make clear who is responsible for that state, which he is failing to do.

There has never really been an American election without fraud.  The possibilities this time are exponential.  Without doubt the Democrats will do all in their power to steal the election.  If that fails, they have already endorsed the threat of violence in the streets and  the corrupt federal police to overthrow the result.

It is a mistake to think that the corrupt courts will be able to deal with the revolutionary coup.  Will Trump be able to deal with it?  Will the dwindling good sense of the American people be enough to restore a legitimate regime?


Clyde Wilson

Clyde Wilson

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  1. Allen Wilson says:

    I have no confidence in the people at all. However there might be a ray of hope in the fact that so many fear catastrophe and see Trump as all they have. On the other hand the videos on the subject of societal collapse and surviving the coming troubled times are growing in number rather quickly on You Tube, indicating a lack of confidence that he or anyone else can prevent depression and civil war.

  2. Dot says:

    Trump reacted too much to the questions and to what Biden had to say. He knows what he has accomplished these four years and is achieving the goal. He should have focused on that and what the folks who elected him wanted for their president. Unfortunately, a large vociferous portion of the population don’t see it that way.
    If this was a debate. This debate was skewed toward a win for Biden. As a leftist liberal, he gave his opinion on the issues. The moderator seemed to favor the left. If there is another debate, the moderator should be unbiased or keep his proclivities to himself.

  3. Jacob Johnson says:

    How do Americans watch the Jerry Springer show all day and then pretend they’re traumatized and saddened by this debate?

  4. Vince Cornell says:

    Dr. Wilson is on the nose with Trump’s mind simply not being wide enough to grasp the actual state of the country today. I would not be surprised to learn that he operates entirely on instinct. He’s just fortunate in that his instincts, for the most part, are good, sometimes even making a decent thing out of very bad advice from his staff (I’m looking at you, Jared). I don’t think Trump actually understands the forces at play or the things he’s trying to accomplish – there doesn’t appear to be an actual grandiose plan he’s following (I’m not one of the folks who think the Donald is secretly a super-genius and playing 4th Dimensional Chess). However, in the land of the brainless and malevolent, I’ll take good if not perfect instincts any day of the week. I hope he recovers from COVID rapidly (which shouldn’t be a problem since my own 98 year old grandmother-in-law who suffers from severe respiratory problems recovered from it without a hitch – didn’t even go to the hospital). I would say that I also hope the next debate is better, but I think that would be a fool’s hope at best.

  5. Frank Brownlow says:

    Watching this thing my mind went back to our Cicero summer school–how would an orator like Cicero have coped with the situation President Trump found himself in? A hostile “moderator” controlling the topics of discussion, and an opponent who could do nothing but lie and trade insults, and who, I’m convinced, was wired up in some way to his puppet-masters? Pres. Trump has been subjected to this kind of indecency every minute of every day since his election. Since I don’t think any of the ordinary rules &c. of debate are any use in this situation, I don’t think the President “blew” anything. I watched him survive an appalling ninety minutes of insult during which he managed to expose a fair number of his opponent’s omissions and lies as well as the allegiances of the moderator. To my mind that adds up to a win on points. In his shoes I suspect I’d refuse any more “debates” unless I had veto power over the choice of moderator and the moderator’s choice of questions.

  6. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Political debate is hardly ever fair. The trained orator knows how to turn an enemy’s devices against him. One basic class of tactical approaches is based on the “Ethical Appeal,” namely, the establishment of the speaker’s character as worthy and credible. Watching as a supporter of the President, I found his responses appallingly clumsy and childish. I still support him, but he desperately needs better help than he is receiving. Of course Wallace was against him; of course the Media are constantly lying about him. Tough. If he can’t get a grip on his egomania and infantilistic instincts, he will deserve to lose. Imagine a sports parallel. You’re Ted Williams going into a big game out of town. The sportswriters have demonized you and faked a photo that appears to depict you spitting at fans. The local fans are booing and throwing things onto the field. You come up to bat and the opposing pitcher throws a ball just over your head, and you hit the dirt. Do you lose your temper, rush the pitcher and beat him just before getting thrown out of the game, which your team will lose? Or do you dig in and hit the long ball? Ted Williams did not know Latin but he would have understood, Aequam memento rebus in arduis…..

  7. James D. says:

    Trump coming down with the Chinese Coup Virus is the perfect opportunity for Biden’s handlers to dispose of him and replace him with Kamala. They can claim that through Trump’s reckless behavior and the lack of masks and social distancing at his rallies, poor Joe Biden contracted COVID from Trump and his staff at the debate and is now on death’s doorstep or already dead. The media can chime in and run stories about how Trump is responsible for Biden’s illness/death and they can canonize Biden right before the election.

  8. Josh Doggrell says:

    I concur. I tuned in to see Trump walk all over Joe. He failed miserably. I kept thinking that Joe would inevitably say something incredibly dumb and damning, but Trump would not shut his mouth long enough to give him enough rope. Trump came off looking like a jackass.

    I hope he and his team can regroup before the next one.

  9. Dot says:

    Trump’s latest setback due to the virus is troublesome. The Deep State must be happy.

  10. Raymond Olson says:

    I am so glad that the last presidential debate I heard was in 1960.

  11. Dot says:

    Trump’s health is more important to me because he is overweight and this can make things more difficult for him, thus his hospital stay – because of his age and particularly for his overweight status. It does not help that the media and all left wing advocates continue to hammer away at him to further bring him down. The demonstrators are gleeful. This has been going on since 2012 when the democrats refused to accept his win for the presidency. The audacity of blaming Trump for the covid-19 virus is the height of stupidity in so-called intelligent people

    I have come to wonder if the fear surrounding this covid-19 will suddenly disappear is Biden wins.

  12. Vince Cornell says:

    Dot, I don’t think the COVID-19 fear will go away so long as there’s money to be made. Perhaps after a vaccine and a few boosters, it will fade, but not until they think up something new to scare the masses (and make more money). Pharmaceuticals didn’t become a billion dollar industry by accident.

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if some states kept the Mask Mandate for good. Here in Virginia, I’m sure Northam wants to keep it a State of Emergency forever. It’s always nice to have an extra stick handy with which one can beat the people down.

  13. Jacob Johnson says:

    I think the world bank recently did a white paper stating that masks should be worn until 2025.