What Now?

It seems likely that, one way or another, Biden and his handlers will invade and occupy the Executive Mansion in January.  That will only be symbolic since they already possess most of the Executive branch of government.  Conservative commentators, always wishful thinkers, are now telling us that it won’t be too bad---after all, Biden is weak and the Republicans have the Senate.

This happy talk is just another way to disarm us.   Biden’s handlers  don’t need  Congress.  They have the  courts,    the entire coercive power of law enforcement,   and their controlled mobs in the streets.  And pervasive mastery of the media that will justify all that they may do. They have already shown their disregard of law, their ability to punish those who don’t go along, and their proclivity for supra-constitutional “executive orders.”  

Of course, the revolutionaries also have a vast population of cowardly and obedient subjects to do their will and  fill their ubiquitous offices and chattering spots.

Many of those Republican Senators are closer in spirit to Biden than to Trump.  And whoever heard of Republicans sacrificing their power and perks to oppose what  appears in the media as popular?    They will likely be allowed to hang on as a token “opposition.”

The coup will be completed quickly with the enfranchisement of  uncounted Third World illegals and the seemingly unstoppable progress of “wokeness” among the young.

Any  obstacle to the revolution will not be anything Republicans can or will do.  The revolutionary cadre will be forced, in order to consolidate their power,  to suppress the violent elements who think they are not radical enough and to stamp out the mobs  when they  get out of hand and actually threaten them. 

Some of their measures may simply fall of their own foolishness and unenforceability –like universal  mask wearing and vaccination.  It is also likely that the blowback  from the aggressive interventionism   undertaken from their delusions of omnipotence  will reveal their weaknesses and  bring problems for them (and for us).  

May we hope that the 2nd Amendment may survive?  The revolution will do all in its power to disarm the law-abiding, indirectly if not directly.  Anarcho-tyranny is here.   In every Western country except the U.S., the citizens have  tamely given up their arms to the government.  Will Americans do the same?  I would like to think that too many citizens are still free people in spirit and that  universal “gun control” will not succeed.   But can we be sure?     

But, Oh!, say the Pollyannas,  we have all those new Republican judges!  Those Federalist Society nationalists love supreme national government power as much as the leftists.  Their intent is to preserve an American constitutional system that no longer exists.  If you believe they will do anything substantive to oppose the revolution, you are delusional and should see a shrink.  

Republican judges will be an obstacle to our only real hope:  that some of the red States before they are overwhelmed will develop bold and determined leaders who will confront federal power with the latent powers of the States.   Devolution, true federalism,  and the break-up of the evil  empire are the only chance, and it is a slim one.

The “conservative Republicans,” who have never in the entire course of American history conserved anything except their money, will never acknowledge that they lost long ago and that we all face a new regime.  And they lost because they never mounted any sincere and effective opposition to the ongoing revolution.  It is too late for the formation of a genuine opposition party.  The Deep State’s power to break up any opposition opinion and organisation is as strong  as in any Communist state, although the  machinery of suppression by prison and death is not yet fully in place. 

The Republicans lament Kamala Harris, and AOC and, and Ilhan Omar.  As usual, they are shortsighted and cowardly and looking for easy  targets.  It is they who voted for immigration expansion and refused to enforce the border laws.  And now they complain about the consequences of their actions.

It is generally reported that Communism failed with the fall of the Soviet Union. Nazis were rightly punished for their crimes.  Reflect that “communism” has fallen and that nobody has been punished for its crimes.  They have merely moved on to other posts.

 America is now a one-party, one-opinion regime based on leftwing resentment, power lust, and prophecies of Utopia when the last enemies are eliminated.  The destruction of “systemic racism”  will justify any deformation of natural society and any abuse and punishment of the unwoke.

Clyde Wilson

Clyde Wilson

24 Responses

  1. Vince Cornell says:

    Any meager hopes I ever harbor always get dashed against the rocks when I talk to any local “conservatives.” When I propose that the only real solution to our problems is secession – the forming of separate regional governments – the reaction is invariably one of exasperation. I’m talking nonsense. It’s absurd. It can never happen. That’s “giving up.” You can’t really mean it. It would destroy the economy. Etc.. .etc…etc…

    If/when the do pass the National Mask Mandate, I want a mask that says “I’m With Stupid” with arrows pointing in every direction.

  2. Dot says:

    I too have recently thought about secession but don’t have a clue how it can be done. The country is too divided and run by the Deep State. I plan to express my thoughts to my representative in Washington.

  3. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    If Trump wants to go down in history as a game changer he should do what I suggested in a different thread, rename the Republican Party, whether he wins or loses. If he loses, he should consider creating a new party and invite Republicans and Democrats of like mind to join his new party. One idea for the new party to persue is dividing the country into autonomous regions to provide more local control. With the nation clearly divided now this may be feasible if Trump can recruit influenceial leaders to join him.

  4. Dot says:

    Mr. Van Sant: That’s a great idea. He could perhaps use Zoom or something like it for his new digital party. I don’t know much about it but this virus has brought out the creativity of people to meet virtually and accomplish things is a wider scale than they could have done otherwise. Did Biden have that kind of convention?

  5. Gregory Fogg says:

    I guess I’m just a pessimist. Back around ’68, I was considered an extreme right-winger. People who are today considered extreme right-wingers I would have considered Humphrey liberals. In those days I thought the radical leftists of the Aptheker variety were in the accendency (even though I knew that the new left despised the old left). I guess I’m just lucky that I’ve lived to be an old man before my apprehensions came true.

  6. Jacob Johnson says:

    The ‘what to do” conversation comes up quite a bit among conservatives of whatever variety. They nearly always get bogged down with “what if “we” did this? No, that won’t work because then this might happen.” As if identifying one problem with something is a reason to completely abandon it’s consideration . Any idea can be helpful in whatever tiny way, if it does not distract from the biggest thing we have going for “us.” One can (and should in some instances) list innumerable dangers presented by various revolutionaries. Despite these, generally, people who believe in, and base their lives on lies will have disastrous lives, and those who are well formed will tend to avoid these personal disasters. This becomes clear in the long term.

    Either way, things are going to get bad, and I don’t think that the various injunctions coming out will be the primary thing to worry about. Rush Limbaugh seems to think that “millennials” are all brainwashed, radical socialists. Unfortunately seeing things from the inside, this has not been my general observation, though I am sure it is more true outside of the peasant backwater I am quite content to be nestled within. Rather, I would say, the more prevalent generational tendency is one of an encumbering desire for perpetual comfort from the easiest means possible. Any inducement to thinking about anything outside the scope of their familiarity is met with reactions ranging from bewilderment to hostility. Perfect example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76CqijPNGSk . Their dopamine receptors are like the little brats who throw a fit because he or she didn’t get what it wanted for Christmas.

    As every institution becomes increasingly controlled, reactionaries will have to learn how to negate their influence and replace their functions with parallel structures from whatever is available. For every car that passes by you playing muzak with a lawn sprinkler rhythm section, this becomes more of a challenge, so you better start now.

  7. Robert Reavis says:

    We are a stupid people and it will take a couple generations to recover from it. We ask stupid questions like how do sinful men rise to great office in the Church and world. Reports are gathered, opinions rendered and the rot continues. A better question would be how are open and notorious material heretics like McCarrick promoted to the college of cardinals. How are men in early stages of senility promoted from hack Senator to President. We liked Trump because he talked back to the liars and professional confidence men. But as Clyde probably correctly observed he accomplished little because little is possible at this stage.

  8. Dot says:

    If you want to know what Pres. Trump accomplished look up http://710wor:heart.com/featured/mark-simone/content/2019-03–9-the-list-of-president-trumps-accomplishments-so far

    He cut back the amount of $ we send to NATO. Check out the article: Trump: What does the US contribute to NATO in Europe.

    How do sinful men rise to great office in the Church and world? Arrogance.

  9. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Trivial and temporary reallocations of budgetary priorities do not constitute achievement. What one President does by executive order can and will be undone by hostile successors. I expected little from Trump and little is what he accomplished. He not only did not drain the swamp–he never got close to finding the plug, much less pulling it. I agree entirely with RR observation on why sensible people supported him, but he and his admirers refuse to understand the lesson taught by King Canute, when he demonstrated he could not stop the tide. I’ve said it a thousand times at least, when people ask me when our civilization is coming to an end: It ended before I was born. We’re squatting comfortably in the ruins, but air conditioning, flush toilets, frozen gourmet dinners, the collected writings of Mortimer J Adler and the political triumphs of Donald Trump are not much to show for the wealthiest nation in the history of the human race.

  10. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    We do not deserve better. We will not get better. So we should work with what we have, including Mortimer Adler.

  11. Dot says:

    Regurgitating disgust and criticism isn’t any different than what Democrats did for four years.

  12. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    No one here is “regurgitating” disgust. An honest human being who describes the sun setting is not committing libel. At any age, one has an opportunity to grow up.

  13. Frank Brownlow says:

    Considering what he’s been up against, Trump has done remarkably well. And “what he’s been up against” now includes massive, well-planned electoral fraud on a scale no-one thought possible, though all of a piece with the shenanigans of Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Comey, & Co. And why has no official person that we know of asked who the Antifa/BLM people are, where they are from, and who is paying them? No reasonable person can expect an elected official to restore civilization in four years, but we can expect local authorities to respect law and maintain order. Myself, I’m suffering a tremendous deficit in orange suits & perp. walks.

  14. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    Well said Professor Brownlow.

  15. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    Indeed. Trump’s greatest failing was his blind faith in his own inexhaustible energy and infallibility, which prevented him from fully understanding what he was up against. I am not at all disappointed in his performance, because I never expected him to accomplish much of anything. Whether the election has been “stolen” or not, no one in fact knows. There was massive fraud, corruption, and stonewalling from our highest law enforcement officials, admittedly, all business as usual but on perhaps a more ambitious scale. What the past four years should teach even leftists with eyes in their heads is that all levels of government are parasitic, but not in the harmless way of many parasites that live comfortably off an inconvenienced host, but more like flesh-eating bacteria that thrive on the death of their victim.

  16. James D. says:

    “What the past four years should teach even leftists with eyes in their heads is that all levels of government are parasitic, but not in the harmless way of many parasites that live comfortably off an inconvenienced host, but more like flesh-eating bacteria that thrive on the death of their victim.”

    But don’t they rejoice in this? Isn’t this their intention? Their goal is to destroy Western civilization and any remnants of Christendom.

  17. theAlabamian says:

    Dr. Wilson, thank you for the article ! It fires me up as a Southerner, and this is why I keep alluding back to George Wallace, and the last vestiges of any sort of state’s rights (obviously Lincoln’s Revolution killed state sovereignty as you have taught). I have been pondering this hard because I don’t want to give up. I do want to follow Dr. Fleming’s advice, (play my fiddle while Manhattan burns) and unplug from the drama of Fox News, CNN, etc., while at the same time doing things that matter culturally, and politically if possible. At the federal level we are through, but maybe we can get something going on the state congressional district level, and ultimately the state level. I think at the state level if we could get enough representatives to the statehouses to put nullification back on the table, and take steps in legislation to making the states more independent (however daunting and slow), that that would be huge. I have considered running in my district, in two years the current republican representative probably will not seek reelection. I have though about running, but certainly not as a republican or democrat. I think Alabama First ! (insert your state) is the way we should go. I also realize that even at that we do not have the culture to really support states rights as we are so dependent on the federal government that operating independently is foreign to them and would even temporarily look bad for the economy as you would cross corporate America. People have to want liberty and independence. My study of Southern history, and even things such as the “Who Owns America” seminar have certainly inspired me to be independent more than ever. I hope to be in business for myself soon. I hope we can get people in our communities thinking along these lines.

  18. Robert Reavis says:

    Dear Alabamian,
    I enjoy your posts, your youthful energy and interest in truthful ideas. I certainly want to encourage you in that adventure of love. Socrates once heard from a wise woman that it was a great spirit and the child of plenty and poverty. Your generation is up against it just as Dr Wilson described :

    They have the courts, the entire coercive power of law enforcement, and their controlled mobs in the streets. And pervasive mastery of the media that will justify all that they may do. They have already shown their disregard of law, their ability to punish those who don’t go along, and their proclivity for supra-constitutional “executive orders.”

    Of course, the revolutionaries also have a vast population of cowardly and obedient subjects to do their will and fill their ubiquitous offices and chattering spots.“

    Hector was a hero no less than Achilles and I admire you along those lines. I hope you keep posting here and are as wiley as Odysseus in your journey home. Thank you for your thoughts.

  19. Dot says:

    Is your party going to be called Alabama First? Why definitely not run as republican or democrat? All of the different parties I have seen don’t get many votes.
    Can you and your group work through one of the main parties? Have you written articles in the paper? Can it be reported on TV? Have you and your group gone to your town’s city hall to hopefully allow you to have a demonstration with handouts so that people can be aware of your platform of wanting liberty and independence.
    Going directly to your state house and speaking to to those on the committees who maybe interested in what you are fighting for is important. There are many committees. Making an appointment is needed. Don’t go alone. Having a group of about 10 with you is important.
    After you speak to any representative or senator you must send thank you notes to all of them, even though you may speak to the secretary. Having simple and eye catching handouts to spread out in the main area even throughout the legislative building is a very good idea. Using these handouts to discuss the issues with the representative or senator is important. You have to convince them of your platform of Alabama First. It is a very catchy phrase. The men and women there are very nice and it is a rewarding experience. It is a lot of work but keep your goal alive. I hope you run for election in your district. Good luck.

  20. theAlabamian says:

    Robert Reavis,

    Thank you, and I appreciate the comparison to Hector. The more I read Dr. Fleming’s work the more I want to study the classics. He brings them to life making them relevant to the here and now. I only have a very shallow and narrow knowledge of what some of the classic Greek and Roman works are about as I either skimmed in high school or read exerpts of various works here or there in college. Probably the latest I can remember reading was alittle Marcus Aurelius last year or the year before. I certainly did not read any of these works in the original languages like our educated ancestors did.
    I have been challenged to be a better man even through my study of the Old South and new understanding of who I am, where society went because of it. It’s funny how many of the youth seem to think they are so much better than 19th century Southerners, you know morally superior, better due to technological advancement, etc.,. Yet, I am seeking to be more like my ancestors and realize how adulterated and misinformed I am. I have an eagerness now to learn all I can of the classic literature, the Old South, and am considering learning latin.

  21. Dot says:

    Well? I guess I shot through Alabamanian’s political ambitions and the work it would take to achieve the change he seeks regarding his “Alabama First” project.

    Dr. Wilson, you may recall the three year battle NC had regarding the proposed toll road that, if passed, would skirt York County, SC and end south of the airport in NC. York County, SC would have benefited over NC yet NC would have had to pay for the cost of the project. It was the most contentious road project in the State. We won our case and the result is that NC has a formula that determines road priorities.

  22. theAlabamian says:


    I simply hadn’t the time to respond until now. I didn’t see your post until after I had responded to Robert, and then I didn’t have time to respond to you at that moment. I’m not sure why you would respond “Well? I guess I shot through Alabamanian’s political ambitions and the work it would take to achieve the change he seeks regarding his “Alabama First” project.”.

    In reference to Dr. Wilson’s great article I’m not sure why you would ask about me not running as a democrat or republican. I’m not considering running because I think it would be easy or that I would necessarily make a serious impact on legislation in one term. I would be running because I see a need, and I would run a campaign with the effort to encourage the people to see themselves as the community, or district who should be running their affairs, not Washington. The point is to instill Southern pride, pride in Alabama in my locale, to view themselves in light of that, and ultimately to make legislation in that way. To get things such as state rights, nullification, “how we do things in Alabama” back on the table. To put those things in serious public conversation while establishing a goal for my locale and state, not the whole empire. The whole idea is to inspire the same in other state districts to finally make a serious force in the state.
    I do take serious the efforts you referred to as yes, it would be another world for me.

  23. Dot says:

    This project I am referring to started to gain momentum at a town hall meeting held at the high school. We were very fortunate to have a lawyer devote his time to guide us through the process at the State house in Raleigh. He new who we should be talking to. The daily paper published all that was happening because this road was going to affect so much of my county.
    I made sure that the Dept. of Transportation for the country new about it. We had the backs of our senator and others in Raleigh. Our motto was Stop the Toll Road.
    I honestly wish you good luck. In the end you will never regret it no matter the outcome.

  24. Jacob Johnson says:

    The idea of Alabama First is a welcomed departure from the rather abstract and non-specific business as usual. My observations and impressions of conservative activism, having had grandparents involved in opposition to various liberal reforms for decades, lead me to think that it can be a useful thing for a person of an extroverted temperament to do, if one has a realistic sense of what the outcomes are likely to be. They were often successful in delaying the implementation of things like sex ed. or the elimination of phonics in the children’s schools, but only for a year or so until they moved away. Or the defeat of the ERA in the 70’s passing later in 2018. It is important to raise morale without promoting pie-in-the-sky optimism as the modern conservatives usually do. Helping to remind your countrymen of who they are and that no matter what you have coming down the road, you all still have each other is something I think will take well with many who hear you.