Virginia’s Pyrrhic Victory by The Alabamian:The Historic Election of Lt. Governor Winsome Sears and Oh Yeah! that Youngkin Fella

Virginia! Oh Virginia! How far thou hast fallen and are desecrated!

That is how I felt as I watched Southerners celebrating the election results in Virginia.  Has the state that produced Robert E. Lee and  “Stonewall” Jackson gone so far under the spell of multiculturalism that Virginians can fall for politicians who attack  Southern traditions and Southern monuments.  

The reign of Governor Northam was marked by BLM and Antifa riots, the dismantling of Confederate monuments, but apparently Virginians cannot get enough Southern Cultural Genocide.  It appears that voters are more interested in electing a Republican  than in demanding a Southern voice to defend their traditions.

The Virginian “conservative” answer to Governor Ralph Northam’s refusal to protect public property, and  his open mockery of Confederate statues is the election of a Republican Governor who has welcomed the removal of the statues, and expresses absolutely zero pride in Virginia’s awesome Southern legacy!  Is this not absurd to say the least?  As if that were not enough Virginians managed to top it!  They voted in a Lt. Governor who is a Jamaican, who cares nothing for the Southern tradition.  It may be true that the Republican Party has nothing better to offer Virginia than the lesser of two evils, but is that a reason for celebrating this disaster?

If you are looking for proof, you can consult a Newsweek article from October 28, 2021,  in which Winsome Sears expresses her desire to erect monuments to Harriet Tubman and other heroes of the Civil Rights movement along side of  Confederate generals as if to contextualize,:

“I have spoken to enough Black people and what they’re telling me is that they wanted the statues up, so that they could talk to their children about who this person was, what they did, what they didn’t do.”

A National File article (September 11, 2021) reports that she celebrated Governor Northam’s taking down of the Confederate monuments and  quotes Sears campaign spokesman Mike Allers as saying “Today is the day where the historic symbols of Oppression by the Democratic Party are over.” 

The article then goes on to say that “Sears has a history of being anti-monument, staging a write-in campaign in 2018, "against “…GOP Senate nominee Corey Stewart, who made the defense of Virginia’s heritage a centerpiece.”  Then, apparently paraphrasing Sears from an article in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the same article concludes that  “no ‘true Republican’ would support the existence of Southern heritage items and monuments.”   

Politicians have a little wiggle room when their remarks are reported in the press, but, when something is personally stated on a Facebook live video, it is harder to deny.  Chris Saxman, in a video interview entitled  “I’m Chris Saxman, Virginia Free Executive Director,” describes Sears as “a former colleague of mine who I served with in the House of Delegates from 2002-2004."   In the interview he asks Sears about her  write-in campaign against fellow Republican Corey Stewart.

At the 3:40 mark she goes after Stewart for attending, “a Secessionist Party, a forum, and he knows that it’s being held by this man, I believe his name is Wallace… he attends this information, this gathering and he’s the speaker.  He’s introduced by this secessionist’s wife Donna, and then Corey Stewart goes on to say that ‘Virginians, we rebel against the established order and we rebelled in the Revolution.."

Sears responds by conceding,  "We should have rebelled, we did.  Great thing, America is what it is today,” but she goes on to add:  “But then get this:  He [Stewart] continues by saying “and we rebelled in the Civil War”  Then she exclaims about Stewart, “What are you saying? What!?...Virginia was right to rebel in the Civil War? Are you saying then the wrong side won the Civil War?  Mr. Stewart is that what you are saying?  And when you ask him about this he tries to run away from it.  And then he tries to tell you that he is not a racist…” and this is her quote on Stewart as a speaker at a “Secessionist Party.”

Virginian Republican politicians, it is true,  speak out against CRT, but only to ignore the deeper evil of Virginia schools that for over a century have been teaching Virginia's children to celebrate Abraham Lincoln but hate their own Virginian heroes. At  some point the white Abraham Lincoln, who did so much to destroy Virginia, will have to be replaced by Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, violent athletes, and degenerate  pop stars.   Of course, radical Republicans of the Reconstruction era are also presented as heroes to Virginia’s children.  It is easier to imagine today’s Virginia leaders celebrating the traitor Robert Smalls instead of a true Virginian Jubal Early.  General Early’s birthday was just two days ago, November 3rd, I’m assuming they did not care, although he defended Virginia against a cruel and unjust invasion, the worst atrocity Virginia has ever experienced.

If Virginians are happily celebrating the defeat of the “woke” Democrat Governor by a “woke” Republican governor and a foreign-born, “woke” Lt. Governor, it is obvious that no amount of legislation will solve Virginia’s cultural problems.   Since politics has failed,  Southerns should concentrate more on the celebration of historical events and the preservation of Southern traditions.   Even then the home and church should be fundamental, but Southern churches have  long been compromised.  Southern   churches treat the atheist Lincoln as a saint and celebrate Black History Month but their leaders would not dream of honoring their state's secession day or Confederate Memorial Day, and it is hard to find  so much as a preacher, in any sizable church or number of churches, who praisies the greatness of the Confederacy and old South. 

So the  very institutions that could help Virginia either lack the will or the capacity to do so, and the void of  Southern culture is filled with  American progressivism and  anti-traditional culture media. 

Note that the new Lt. Governor is getting more attention than the new Governor.  Winsome Sears is the first black woman GOP lieutenant governor, etc. etc., while the new Governor is just another white male.  Sears is not only a symbolic break-through, but she is a member of the new elite.  You can be certain that being a Virginian or Southerner means nothing to the Jamaican born Sears who merely sees an opportunity in Virginia’s predicament and Republican foolishness.

Republicans across the country have little interest in the cultural differences  of historical Virginia--as opposed to New England, the Midwest, and California.  Virginians are no exception. All that matters to them is race.  The defense of the Confederate heritage was a low priority in the recent Republican victory in Virginia.  Virginia is not for Virginians. 

For Republicans, Virginia’s real culture and historical truth does not matter as it stands in the way of political power, and the realities of the historical Virginia stand in the way of the progressive revolution waged in the name of minorities but for the benefit of an international elite.  For both  the minorities  and the elite they serve,   Virginia's conservative traditions--and historical truth--give the lie to their progressive myths. Virginia cannot be the peaceful home of true Virginians.   The current Republican Party in Virginia, for all its denunciations of Critical Race Theory,  is  like a living, breathing  embodiment of CRT and a chip off the old block of their Republican Reconstruction predecessors.


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3 Responses

  1. Eric Peterson says:

    High turnout in my rural Virginia district this time around where in 2020 Trump got 1085 and Biden got 143. In the two old white men contest Youngkin got 1188 to McAuliffe’s 224. Meanwhile in the “women of color” race Sears got 1178 to Alaya 235. For attorney general we had the son of a Cuban immigrant Miyares with 1169 to the old white man incumbent Herring with 243.

    The single incumbent in those races probably got a few more votes for that reason alone. The other results say despite the coattails Sears and Miyares had some popularity problems. One pressing issue in the race was the Virginia Democrats raising gas taxes by 17.6 cents in most rural areas. The Democrat suburbs got a 10 cent rise so that everyone paid equally high gas tax. Youngkin promised to suspend 5 cents for a year, a pretty thin gruel but that’s all that was offered. Youngkin promised to eliminate sales tax on groceries. That will definitely help along with raising the standard deduction to save $518 in state taxes for the people using the standard deduction.

    I’m not sure the suburban CRT “culture war” was an issue out here. I think taxes played a bigger role:

  2. Dom says:

    I am an immigrant to Virginia, yet even growing up in the Pacific Northwest I appreciated that I was born on Lee’s Birthday.
    I voted COVID.

  3. Vince Cornell says:

    I cannot argue with the Alabamian, but from my perspective here in the Old Dominion, folks really voted against McAullife and not for Youngkin or anyone running alongside him. Most folks are ignorant of history and the Confederacy and do not even think twice about it. My small little parish and pastor are an exception, an exception for which I’m very thankful. Much like Trump, I’m just thankful to have 4 years of relative breathing room. If McAullife had won, I fully expected a Virginia-wide vaccine mandate within a week (the election is the only thing that staid Northram’s heavy hand). There’s a very slight chance that Youngkin will be less authoritarian on the COVID front and the “you must love all things transgendered” front, and that was enough for most.

    As far as CRT and schools go – I don’t care. I homeschool, as do most of the folks I interact with. Maybe it was an issue in Louden County, but I couldn’t say.

    Virginia no longer exists. There are shreds and tatters in rural areas where weak memories still gasp for breath, but the corporal whole has disintegrated beyond any recognition. It’s part of why I didn’t mind them removing Lee’s statue or name from everything – that honorable man is too good for what we’ve become. We should no longer tarnish his name by associating it with modern Virginia.