A False Flag on a False Flag on Ukraine

“A false flag operation is an act committed with the intent of disguising the actual source of responsibility and pinning blame on another party,” according to the authoritative propaganda source Wikipedia.

That’s why the U.S. regime just perpetrated a false flag on Russia over Ukraine – by getting its “intelligence” agencies to seed U.S. media with the story of the Kremlin advancing false-flag plans as an excuse for invading Ukraine.

Of course the Russian military has such plans. Military staffs make plans for all sorts of contingencies, few if any ever are implemented. The Pentagon makes many plans, as do U.S. think tanks.

We still got such headlines as these from a media more subservient to Biden than Pravda ever was to Stalin:

What’s happening: This is the Biden regime’s way of conducting a war against Russia. Our leaders aren’t that bright. But they probably know the Russian Army easily could roll over Ukraine, embarrassing NATO – indeed showing NATO is a pointless leftover from the Cold War. But economic sanctions against Russia then would push Moscow even closer to China, bolstering the latter.

Putin has been clear: All he really wants is a neutral Ukraine and no American nukes on his border. Germany, France and probably the Brits don’t want a war over Ukraine, so they’ll block Ukrainian membership, on the pretext the NATO charter prevents membership to countries already at war. That’s because all NATO countries are supposed to fight in a war of any one of them. NATO membership for Ukraine would drag all members into a war with Russia.

The Russians know all this. I think their strategy is obvious: Just wait and see what happens. It’s possible, albeit remotely, the Biden regime would want a peace deal to bolster its image before the November midterms; even more so before the 2024 presidential election. At least some of the Biden people know how Nixon’s deals with the Soviets and Mao in 1972 helped him win a landslide. 

“Nixon Goes to China” even has become a slogan used when someone does something expected to advance peace. It was used in a Star Trek movie.

Alternatively, the Kremlin will just wait for next president, perhaps Trump again. 

But some Republicans are embarrassing themselves. Sen Ted Cruz proposed even stronger sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline to Germany. What a coincidence that would benefit the liquefied natural gas interests in Texas.

What’s terrible here is the torture continuing for the Ukrainian people, forced to suffer for the corruption of Biden and his son, Hunter, as well as the obsessions of the Neocons and others. It would be easy to turn Ukraine into a kind of Switzerland, albeit with a big corruption problem. Make it neutral. Encourage corruption crackdowns to get foreign investment. 

And hold the first honest elections since the Obama-Biden regime overthrew the elected government in 2014.

But few things ever happen that easily.

John Seiler blogs at johnseiler.substack.com

John Seiler

John Seiler

4 Responses

  1. Vince Cornell says:

    This article got this song stuck in my head (which seems appropriate if one keeps Joe Biden in mind).

    Your grandpa and my grandpa, sitting by the fire. Your grandpa told my grandpa “I’m gonna set your [false] flag on fire!”

  2. Harry Colin says:

    It’s sickeningly ironic that on Ukraine the war loving neocons – keyboard commandos to a man – are in step with our Corpse-in-Chief…eager for conflict. Sadly, much of the nation will be flag-waving if hostilities commence, at least until Boston or San Francisco are turned into radioactive rubble.

  3. James D. says:

    If you could promise that fate for Boston and San Francisco, I might be right there waving the flag, too….

  4. Harry Colin says:

    James D, touche! I thought of that after I hit send…right with you on that! I assume it is widely known that after gaining access to Soviet files in the last decade or so, it as discovered that there was a plan for Soviet missiles to hit Boston, in reprisal for NATO sending a nuke into Kiev, should the balloon go up and the Warsaw Pact started overrunning Central Europe. Another irony, given what is happening now.