Dismal Second GOP Debate

A few quick takes on the Second Republican Debate on Sept. 27.

Vivek, who easily won the first debate, continuously was talked over in this one. The others also attacked him for getting some kind of loan from China. He missed a chance to explain how, in business, you get the cheapest capital you can, or your investors sue you. That dough was from China. 

He kept citing Reagan’s so-called 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not criticize another Republican.” Silly. Then what are these debates for? He should have blasted them for being timeworn political hacks who, except for Burgum, also a successful entrepreneur, are ignoramuses about business. 

Burgum actually did well but remains largely unknown and soon will be out.

If anybody won, it was Ron, who this time was relaxed and relied on his successes as governor of Florida, such as firing the Soros-anti-American, pro-crime, pro-anarchy DA’s. But he’s just not inspiring.

All the candidates strongly were pro-life. And Christie gave a strong response on how Republicans can win with the issue, as he did a decade ago. The problem is this is a decade later and the Left, after Roe v. Wade was overturned, has blood lust to kill as many babies as possible.

Otherwise Christie was a blustering fool there only to get revenge against Trump for some obscure reason. But maybe 2/3 of Republicans now are MAGA, and have to be courted to have any chance to win.

With Reagan in the background of his library, and ghostly quotes from him giving speeches put up on the screen, the incompetent moderators effectively were pushing 80s-era themes, when everything is different today. The country is coming apart before our eyes.

It also seems clear one reason Fox, which hosted the debate, got rid of Tucker was so he wouldn’t host any of its debates.

On the Ukraine War, nobody brought up the potential of nuclear war with Russia, one 80s policy ignored. I listened intently and just checked the transcript. The only time nukes came up was when Burgum brought up Iran being “closer” to a nuclear weapon. 

Only Vivek was against America’s possibly nuclear-suicidal foolishness of funding the Ukraine War. Ron again waffled. The rest were all for arming Ukraine to the hilt – just so it doesn’t involve U.S. troops, of course. They all ignored how Russia is intent on neutralizing Ukraine so it never joins NATO and becomes a military threat – by flinging nukes if necessary.

Scott, who did better this time, and was excellent on economics, foolishly said, “By degrading the Russian military, we reduce if not eliminate an attack on NATO territories.” But they have not “degraded the Russian military,” instead enlarging and empowering it. As to NATO, the nature of this war has turned out to be defensive, like World War I. NATO, despite its arms being depleted to arm Ukraine, still fairly easily could stop any Russian attack on its member countries.

Nikki was her usual shrill warmonger self.

Pence, a friend said, looked like a cadaver. It’s still weird how he’s running against Trump by touting the Trump-Pence successes. As somebody said months ago, why have the tribute band when you can have the original?

What else was there? Oh yeah, the border. With 3 million illegals crossing every year now, all of the candidates wanted to close the border, some blamed Trump for not doing enough. Some talked about militarizing the border, which only would let the cartels corrupt the military. Borders are a civilian matter. The correct solution is hiring more border guards, sealing the border and deporting all the illegals. 

They also discussed the chaos in the big cities. Philadelphia seems to be the latest descending into chaos.

As I turned off the tube, I wondered if America even would survive until Nov. 5, 2024.

John Seiler writes at johnseiler.substack.com

John Seiler

John Seiler

2 Responses

  1. Raymond Olson says:

    Hilarious! Or perhaps I mean, ludicrous.

  2. Dom says:

    How could anybody seriously believe that war with Russia is a winning platform? This makes it difficult to scoff at “deep state” theories. I am glad that I didn’t watch it, especially as a I don’t speak Spanish.