Sober Wisdom on the Middle East from Sacha Vliegen

I visited war-torn Syria in 2016. A country where in some regions there are no longer 3/4 young men between the ages of 18-45 thanks to the conflict. What makes it even worse is that this conflict was planned in advance. The opposition has been armed and trained by the US and its allies since 2006. "Democratic freedom fighters" who would bring Syria into the Western liberal world, so was the propaganda that was fueled here at the beginning of the Arab Spring.
For me, this was also a far from my bed show at the beginning. Until those democratic freedom fighters suddenly turned into jihadists, and also suddenly an exodus of a country was organized ('refugees welcome' / 'wir shaffen das'). I got the opportunity to go there through acquaintances.
I was expecting a country where people would hate me. After all, Islam and all, but even more, at that moment I knew our governments there intentionally started supporting the jihadists. In the Netherlands, this news has just reached the press, to my knowledge no thorough investigation has been carried out. Al Nusra, Long live Mujahidin, Country,... they received funding through an alliance of the United States, European Union, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Israel (which armed at least 7 jihadist militias)..
At least I was received with hate. Stunt by the Syrian government? Partly for sure, but I'm mainly talking about the population. Those encounters stay with me a lifetime. A Christian shopkeeper who had to eat grass to survive under Al Nusra's rule in Homs, meeting with 2 mothers, an Alawitic and a Sunni, who lost 1 and 3 sons respectively... together at the grave of their sons. A Christian family captured by ISIS where one daughter had to marry a judge and the other was used as a sex slave. Or with the teachers and children who survived a double bombing at a school (with several students and parents who came to pick up their children at that time). Below is a picture.
What all this taught me was that those refugees didn't come from somewhere for no reason. As far as you could often see their houses and apartments were in a mess. All affected by lost family, and a lot of poverty. Not a little poverty, but effectively able to eat every day. In such circumstances, 95% of the population is gone, including those who complain that those migrants are flowing here so massively.
I also had contact with some Syrians who were here as 'refugees'. Some even admitted that it was mostly economically motivated. I couldn't even blame them for that, a lot of people will do the same here. They often fell into a disillusionment with regard to Europe. Their was, among other things, praised by algorithms of the big tech and well sponsored NGOs Europe as a land of milk and honey. Many had even expected a Christian Europe, just imagine if they get drag queen Sammy instead. For the jobs who are busy sorting mail packages, they are good for that. For a little over €1000 net 5 nights 4/5h working on the band, for the benefit of those multinationals who like to see them and contribute to morality.
Did I change my mind? No, I would vote directly for a 'Fort Europa' in a referendum tomorrow. I just looked at another side, namely from a little further than the proverbial church tower. If we understand the situation of Molenbeek or Borgerhout, we can't just say: "that's ginderachter eh".
We, the Westerners (or rather, the 'powers that be') have been fighting a permanent war against the Arab population since 9/11. I have nothing against those Arabs, and bizarrely enough not even most of them against me either. We even have a common enemy. Our own imperialism/globalism even.
As long as we allow Israel to do that, and the Arab population is victims of a transatlantic agenda, as a consequence, you should not complain about the refugees. Several more millions will be recovered, enjoy it. And election slogans won't help.
Sacha Vliegen is fron Belgium and affiliated with Feniks, a humanitarian organization.  He posted these remarks on Facebook


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