2024: Foreign Policy Will Dominate and Boost Trump

2024 is looking to be a presidential race dominated by foreign policy. Usually domestic policy trumps foreign. Exceptions were 1980, when the Soviets were on the march, Carter couldn’t get the hostages out of Tehran and Reagan presented a stronger posture to voters. And 2004, when in the wake of 9/11, Bush’s Iraq and Afghanistan wars were seeming to succeed just before they went bad.

Biden, reported AP, “is starting the campaign year by evoking the Revolutionary War to mark the third anniversary of the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol and visiting the South Carolina church where a white gunman massacred Black parishioners — seeking to present in the starkest possible terms an election he argues could determine the fate of American democracy.”

What a cynical use of the deaths of those church members. On the “deadly insurrection,” no one actually died – what a bad reporting job. As to Trump “denying” the 2020 election results: you can bet Biden’s not bringing up he, Hillary and numerous other Democrats braying the 2016 election was “stolen” by Trump. 

But foreign policy is the monster lurking in the darkness. 

On March 5, Super Tuesday, Trump will finish off DeSantis and Hillary – I mean Haley. Then it will be just him vs. Biden, mano a mano. The contrast will be inevitable between the relative peace we enjoyed three years ago to the multiple wars under Biden.

In mid-March, Putin easily will win his own re-election. He has the Ukraine War well in hand, and can decide events how he pleases. There’s nothing Biden can do about this. At least the threat of nuclear war seems to have receded. 

Then there are the other wars. The Israel-Hamas War easily could boil over and involve Hezbollah, Iran, Turkey, Syria, Yemen and other nations. Americans could start dying by the dozens. A war involving Iran could end up with Tehran sinking a U.S. aircraft carrier, killing 5,000 Americans.

Although the U.S. Navy and Air Force remain competent, the Army is a mess. It can’t meet recruitment quotas. And 77% of youngster are unfit even to join.

Biden has so botched foreign policy he canceled the longstanding Nixon-Kissinger policy of keeping Russia and China as apart as possible. Now Beijing and Moscow are as close together as Biden and his bribes. They’ve also forged with Iran an “axis,” as neocons call it. The BRICS+ plus nations also are expanding, with Russia this year chairing that economic alliance. The Saudis and others might be joining. 

American sanctions, and possibly seizing Russia’s $300 billion in reserves, also are a warning the U.S. can’t be trusted with holding foreign money. That’s advancing de-dollarization. Which already is hurting the dollar, which has dropped in value from $1,636 an ounce of gold on Nov. 1, 2022 to $2,049 as I write. That’s an erosion of $413 in value, or 25%, and is the real cause of the Bidenflation – which is going to get worse.

When Biden campaigned in 2022, we were promised “adult leadership,” a return to “normalcy” and getting away from the Trump “chaos.” It turns out Biden, Hillary and the Steele Dossier she faked with the FBI. and Democrats and neocons in general, were the chaos agents. Trump was just riding the chaos like a surfer in a tsunami.

For Trump opponents, I have a question: Who can restore the peace among the nations? Republicans don’t want Nikki or Ron. Bobby Kennedy Jr. might have done it, but he was chased out of the Dem Party. Kamala? A joke. Newsom? He embarrassed himself with a sycophantic junket to Communist China.

Even people who hate Trump will begin to realize he’s the only one who can keep Russia’s 6,000 nukes from landing on their heads.

John Seiler blogs at johnseiler.substack.com

John Seiler

John Seiler

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  1. Sam Dickson says:

    Mr. Seiler:

    The difference in opinion on this issue does not diminish my respect for you and my enjoyment of what you right.

    You share with most other Americans a spirit of optimism.

    IMO the foreign policy issues will have hardly any mpact at all.


    You attribute far too much to the electorate.

    Your analysis is based on the assumption that the electorate is both informed and thoughtful.

    The voters aren’t like that.

    As the next-to-the-last Kaiser of Austria-Hungary, Franz Josef, once remarked?


    On the rare occasions when I have heard or read this statement quoted (maybe 4 times in my life), the person quoting it has been puffed up like a big bird and taken as intended to be a compliment to the crowd.

    “Oh, yes! Democracy makes ordinary people extraordinary. Ain’t it wondterful!”

    No. Franz-Joesf meant it to mean exactly what it says. The exaggerated expectations from ordinary people that is a requirement (a “sine qua non” – oh, how our Guru Dr. Fleming would prefer to use that snippet of Latin over a prosaic word like “requirement”!) that is not only unrealistic but impossible. It’s a “problem.” Somehow, the believers in “folk rule” (oh, how our Guru Dr. Fleming will grind his teeth in rage at that little bit of Anglo-Saxon talk!) don’t see the obvious.

    It’s a problem…a problem….a PROBLEM. That’s how Kaiser Franz-Josef said it, that’s what he mean it to say, that’s what it means, and that’s what one should understand it to mean.

    And it’s a problem that can never, never be resolved.

    The average voter in all countries – but especially in addle minded, uneducated America – does not have the capacity to understand real issues, come to thoughtful and intelligent decisions based on facts and make sober decisions based on knowing the facts and logically drawing conclusions from them.

    Second, foreign policy issues are not of interest to 98% of American voters.

    My guess is that not more than 1 voter in 25 can even find Ukraine or Gaza on a map and it wouldn’t matter if he could.

    The voters at heart know they can’t understand complicated issues that don’t interest them anyway and they are focused on other things.

    They are focused on comprehensible issues on which they can express what to them seems to be a thoughtful opinion and be admired by others.

    The politicians know this and as shrewd and practical people they know the issues that will get the votes.

    These are the “real” issues as we know from our lives living under American democracy.

    Such as:

    1. Did Bill Clinton get oral sex from Monica Lewinsky?

    2. Was Mitt Romney mean to his dog by putting it in a cage affixed to the top of his car when he drove off on a vacation jaunt?

    3. Did Michelle Obama spend too much when she took a vacation in Spain?

    4. Was Jackie Kennedy a more sophisticated dresser than dowdy Mamie Eisenhower?

    5. Did Jimmy Carter really admit that he had “lusted after women in his heart?”

    6. Did Trump rape that woman who won $4 million dollars by saying he defamed her by calling her a “nut” based in part on her claim to have been raped by him when he encountered her in a department store in a dressing room on a date she cannot remember? (Take note, Mr. Seiler, a jury of ordinary American voters thought she deserved $4 million because no one could reasonably say that she was a “nut” based on these alleged facts.)

    These are issues on which the voters can understand and on which they can express their opinions to others like them in the laundromat. One can say with real sincerty, “You know, Billy, I think Bill Clinton did get oral sex from that woman. What do you think?” And the other can reply, “No, Billy, I don’t think he really did.”

    I admit! These are extreme examples and there are some indications that a significant number of voters can be excited by more real issues such as the inflation rate, the January 6, 2022, incident at the Capitol and so on.

    But let’s look at some issues that are so unimportant to the voters that the politicians shrewdly choose not to make issues out of them.

    Such as:

    1. The fact that the Obama-Biden Administration conducted the largest mass violation of the Bill of Rights in American history by illegally tapping the emails that every American sent or received without getting a search warrant as rsequired under the 4th Amendment?

    2. The fact that the Obama-Biden Administration clearly knew the program was illegal because a number of its representatives when testifying under oath before Congressional committees perjured themselves by emphatically denying that such a program existed.

    3. The fact that when the dust settled on ONLY person indicted was noble Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who had the guts and integrity to reveal to the American voters that this criminal program violating their rights exsited. He is a wanted man to whom Putin has granted safe refuge in Russia.

    4. The fact that not one single person who implemented the widest scaled violation of the rights of American citizens in our history and who committed perjury to conceal it from the voters ever so much as saw the inside of a grand jury room.

    5. The fact that the man who personally took charge of pursuing Edward Snowden, the man who chased him around the world, the man who called heads of state of countries that might grant him refuge and threatened them with massive punishment if they did so – that man – is named Joseph Biden and is now “our” President in “our” democracy.

    Now leaving the many issues arising from this matter:

    6. The fact that in the last debate with Trump – when some journalist brushed up against the invisible fences and asked Biden the naughty question “If you become President, will your administration ever prosecute AntiFa adherents who commit crimes?” – lookd the cameras straight in the eye and truthfully informed the electorate that, no, his administration would never prosecute an Antifa adherent because, according to Biden, the crimes committed by Antifa aren’t committed by real live human beings. The crimes are committed by what he termed “a philosphy” and, in his own words, “You don’t prosecute a philosophy.”

    7. The fact that Biden – to give the Devil his due – has kept his promise to the American people that he would give free rein to his own “Brownshirts” and it’s an insult to the Brownshirts to deman them by comparing them to the Antifa .

    In Atlanta where I live for a considerable part of the year we have seen the Antifa world wide descend on our city to attack the police. The Antifa are conducting a terrorist campaign against a new police training academy that is under construction. It would take pages to relate all the shocking facts on this matter. Suffice it just give a few details.

    The Antifa have:

    a. On just one occasion (there have been others) blown up 3 police cars with hand held bombs;

    b. On another occasion (there have been others) thrown 8 home made, handheld bombs at the police;

    c. Done $2,000,000 damage to public property;

    d. Shot a police officer (Black by the way, a factoid the System Media has carefully airbrushed out) and critically injured hi;

    f. Tried to set fire to the offices of the construction company hired by the City of Atlanta to build the traning academy;

    g. Gone to the homes of the officrs of that company and threatened their spouses and children.

    I think that’s enough for most followers of the Fleming Foundation to get a good grasp of the situation here in Atlanta. It would be egocentric of me to mention the death threats on myself, the criminal attacks on properties I own including one in which they did over $35,000 damage and so on. In the interest of fairness, I disclose that I have personal reason to dislike the Atlanta Antifa.

    65 of the Antifa involved in this campaign have been indicted. (Only 4 are Georgia residents.)


    One would think that the Biden Administration’s remarkable indifference to massive, coordinated and sustained assaults on the police force – a predominently Black police force for that matter – would be an “issue.”

    But it isn’t.

    The GOP politicians shrewdly assess this situation. They choose not to conduct any congressional hearing on matters of such disinterest to the voters and to those who matter in “our democracy.”

    The Republican members of the House know better. They are busy conducting hearings on the danger of antisemitism that has or might arise from Israel’s killing 20,000+ Palestinians. The Palestinians don’t matter but the danger that someone might say something “antisemitic” as a result? Now that’s a real issue!

    Enough, enough.

    Mr. Seiler, you have been my therapist in enabling me to put in writing the repressed rage I feel over our country’s situation and the shortcomings of the American people.

    I am grateful and apologetic as well.

    Again, I state that this has been written not in scorn for you because, although I don’t really know you, I hold you and what you right and do in high esteem.

    It says nothing that someone as radioactive as I am expresses admiration for you. But it’s possible someday you may be accused of having been admired by someone whom the SPLC and the ADL has identified as a “hater”, etc.

    If so, you should say the obvious – that if I admire your writings, it says nothing about you.

    A respectful bow,

    Sam Dickson

  2. Sam Dickson says:

    Gad! I suffer from a program that “corrects” what I write. I did not see what it did with my post.

    Obviously, I admire what you “write”, now what you “right.”

    And there should be a colon, not a question mark where I introduce Franz Josef’s words on the problem with democracy.

    Zeus-only-knows how many gaffes there are in addition to these.


  3. Harry Colin says:

    Well, Mr. Dickson, the “auto-correct” you mention is yet another symptom – as if we need another – of this diseased zombie of a nation we inhabit.

    Your post is priceless…you’ve analyzed the situation precisely. We have not two parties but a mutant oligarchy comprised of selfish non-entities occupying positions of power. Coupled with the electorate you describe it is a prescription for collapse.

    Our Christian commitment to not lose hope becomes increasingly difficult; our path forward is not trust in princes but care for our families and communities.

  4. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    I have been observing other natural predators and prey in my backyard. We have a population of very active squirrels who forage throughout the winter. Today a couple of hawks have been patrolling from above. The squirrels have stayed hidden. Must be smarter than the average prey. Yesterday it was a large neighborhood cat that was patrolling. Apparently his success is limited by his success. I saw a couple of squirrels escape up a tree. The cat just stopped at the bottom looking up. Could not follow. A typical fat cat?

  5. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    We have experienced some high winds that have blown leave and seeds on to the ground. Yesterday there were small groups of birds joining the squirrels. Today a large fox swept through. Didn’t stay long. I just put a “critter clip” on my trash container to keep out a raccoon who has been raiding it. No deer though. Nothing for them to eat.

  6. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    We have experienced some high winds that have blown leave and seeds on to the ground. Yesterday there were small groups of birds joining the squirrels. Today a large fox swept through. Didn’t stay long. I just put a “critter clip” on my trash container to keep out a raccoon who has been raiding it. No deer though. Nothing for them to eat.