Robert Peters

Robert Peters


In the Midst of Death We Are in Life

This brief but moving essay came in originally as a comment on my most recent contribution to Properties of Blood.   Each year, one on the second Saturday in May and again on the second Saturday in October, we – the genos and the phratry to use the words presented by Dr. Fleming – of the Maddens, the Jones and the Garrets hold a grave yard workin’. Up through the 60’s, we really worked; we cleaned the cemetery twice a year; now, old, living far away and disjointed, we pay to have it done monthly; yet, we still gather at...


Robert’s Kinderszenen (Scenes From Childhood)

When I entered the first grade – we did not have Kindergarten – I first encountered numerals posing as numbers. When we wrote the one’s – 1111111 – across the page, I was a whiz at mathematics; however, my primeval sense of logic rebelled at the notion that 1+1 could equal 2. Cats had little cats; plum trees had plums; 1’s could, therefore, only beget 1’s. In the third grade, we had to write, using Arabic numerals, from 1 to 10,000. When I got to 1,100, I thought that I was through. Earlier, before I started to school, I contemplated...


When Christmas Was Coming! (Free)

When Christmas was coming, Mama would start collecting medium-sized boxes which she would later decorate with bright Christmas paper for the purpose of taking food as a gift – a canned ham, some fruit, some nuts and some homemade candy- to the numerous “shut-ins” in and around Pollock. When Christmas was coming, out would come the reserve box of Christmas cards which were chosen, filled out, and stamped at the dining table some pre-Christmas night after supper. I usually chose a card for a particular person or family; Mama filled it out and addressed the envelope, and Daddy would break...


Im Geiste des Führers: Merkels Endlösung!

In April of 1945 as the Red Army penetrated deep into the German Reich, as the British Army raced across the German low country and as the American Army plowed through Bavaria and into Austria and the Czech Protectorate, Adolph Hitler-ensconced in his bunker under the ruins of the Reichskanzlei, his French SS Division Charlemagne fighting his last battle-unleashed his scorn, his anger and his wrath, not against the agents of his coming doom-the Red Army, the British Army and the American Army-but against his own people, the Germans, in whose name without their consent he had unleashed war on...


Die Götterdämmerung

Germany and the rest of Western Europe are being invaded with weaponized immigration.  It has become apparent that Germany, not to be confused with the Federal Republic of Germany which is an abstraction or a “firm” as those who still consider themselves Germans call it, has all but lost its soul.  The objective correlative with its heritage has been broken by Nazi usurpation of much that was true and good and by the very effective supersecessionist reeducation program imposed on Germany after its defeat in WWII. Western liberalism was apparently more effective than the draconian real-existierende Sozialismus of communist East...


Dissolving the German People by Robert Peters

Das Volk hat das Vertrauen der Regierung verscherzt. Wäre es da nicht doch einfacher, die Regierung löste das Volk auf und wählte ein anderes? The preamble of this piece is the last line from Bertolt Brecht’s poem “Die Lösung” (“The Solution”), written by the disillusioned Marxist after the failure of the Workers Uprising on 17 July 1953 and the communist government’s response to that uprising.  The title of the poem suggests an objective correlative with the Nazi term “Die Endlösung” (“The Final Solution”), “The Holocaust” in contemporary parlance.  The term also applies, perhaps more appropriately for this piece, to the...