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January Birthdays–the End

A 29 minute podcast on Hadrian, Douglas MacArthur, Eddie Van Halen, Mozart, St. John Chrysostom, Richard Bentley, Lewis Carroll, Artur Rubenstein, W.C. Fields, Lighthouse Harry Lee and his son Robert, Walter Savage Landor, John Basil Turchin, Tokugawa… Warning: The discussion of Turchin’s court martial is botched. James Garfield presided and overruled the other judges. These podcasts are obviously unrehearsed.


More Birthdays

Benedict Arnold, Martin Luther King, Richard Savage, Magdalen Nabb, Ben Franklin, Al Capone, Arnold Rothstein, Pope Pius V, Cassius Clay, A.A. Milne, Archie Leach,


Some January Birthdays

A 19 minute podcast on the birthdays of Captain John Smith, Paul Revere, Zora Neale Hurston, Joan of Arc, Jesse Presley (the good twin), J.R.R. Tolkien, Karl Čapek, Frank James, Theodosius I, Bob Denver, Richard Nixon, Robert Stack, Ray Price, …. and David Bowie..


A Nation Addicted to Violence

A 31 minute podcast in which Rex and the founder disagree sharply over the resolution: Violent movies and television shows are the antithesis of art and toxic drug for an addiction-prone nation.