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A Summary and a New Beginning

It was Twelfth Night this weekend, the end of the Christmas season for Christians who are too enthralled to restrict the celebration of the Incarnation to a single day preceded and followed by shopping, the modern form of worship.  Our happiness commenced at midnight December 25th and was only tempered as the Wise Men of the East brought their gifts to the King of Kings. So too does Season 1 of our podcast series finally end as well.  I am happy to admit on behalf of all the Foundation staff that we bit off more than we could chew last...



As Dr. Fleming has noted to you already, there have been some technological mishaps that prevented episode recording while he was in Italy.  We are back to recording this week and will get caught up, but we also wanted you to know about a benefit that is available to Charter Members for free and a la carte to those of other membership levels: transcripts. If you look at the drop down menu for podcasts on the main page you will see “Transcripts.”  Click there to find some selected transcripts to various episodes.  Charter Members receive one new transcript per month...