Summer Symposium 2017, Day 1

Summer Symposium 2017, Day 1

Tuesday July 17, 2017

4:00-4:45          Registration at Cliffbreakers

5:00                    Thomas Fleming, "Ouverture to the Suicide of the West"

6:30                     Dinner is served at Deli Italia II on East State Street

The Fleming Foundation's Second Annual Summer Symposium opens today.  Speakers include Prof. Frank Brownlow, Prof. E. Christian Kopff,  Dr. James Patrick, Prof. Srdja Trifkovic, Captain Christopher Check, and Dr. Thomas Fleming

Fleming Foundation Headquarters, aka the crumbling Villa Pipistrelli, getting a facelift.

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Thomas Fleming

Thomas Fleming is president of the Fleming Foundation. He is the author of six books, including The Morality of Everyday Life and The Politics of Human Nature, as well as many articles and columns for newspapers, magazines,and learned journals. He holds a Ph.D. in Classics from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a B.A. in Greek from the College of Charleston. He served as editor of Chronicles: a Magazine of American Culture from 1984 to 2015 and president of The Rockford Institute from 1997-2014. In a previous life he taught classics at several colleges and served as a school headmaster in South Carolina

6 Responses

  1. Joshua Smith says:

    Thank you for that. I’ve been looking forward to it for months. Sitting in Logan right now. Needed the reminder that it’s going to be well worth going through the suffering and indignities of air travel…

  2. Bagby says:

    I wish I could be there. I had a museum fellowship that flew me to Hawaii for a week with atheist public school teachers instead, and I have decided to choose quality company over exotic locations from now on.

  3. Avatar photo Thomas Fleming says:

    May we quote you?

  4. Bagby says:

    Of course you may quote me.

    Will you give us the lectures as podcasts? Please give my regards to Dr. Kopf.

  5. Andrew G Van Sant says:

    I second Bagby’s suggestion. Perhaps a CD (or even better) a DVD?

  6. Sam Dickson says:

    I definitely want to come. But I’m trying to find a way to register and pay. I’ll keep looking. It will be a breath of fresh air after long suffocation to be at this event. Thanks.