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Turning Green to Gold, Part One of Two

Greenies would like to terrify us into totalitarian measures designed to eliminate human civilization—if not humanity itself—from the planet.  Manmade Global Climate Change (finally) is the latest proof that our way of life, especially our bourgeois individualism and weird attachment to private property, is evil.


A Time to Kill? Part Two

The consequences of war are one of the elements in Christian theories of just war.  Now, few Americans are sufficiently Christian as to take Christian arguments seriously.  They may justly claim to have “joy joy joy” down in their hearts, but that joy will not prevent them from divorcing their wives, cheating on their taxes, or watching Hollywood movies


Wednesday’s Child: A Victory for Labor

No, it isn’t a mistake, my title.  It’s not like I don’t read the papers, you know.  But in the stuffy atmosphere of Tory triumphalism, I think, the gentle reader may well be wishing for a window on the world to be opened.  So what really happened in Britain last week?  Well, basically, the two main political parties have exchanged roles, which is not, moreover, entirely a bad thing.  It’s both good news and bad.  Let me start with the good news. A number of pollsters analyzing the general election have spoken of a new divide in British society, as...


Remembering Russia by James Patrick


  Text and Talk, 11 May 2019 It is difficult to forget Russia, given the proclivity of the state, real and imagined, to meddle in America elections and to violate egregiously the Monroe Doctrine by sponsoring illiberal client states such as Cuba and Venezuela that are organized on a socialist model.  From 1946 to 1991 Russia was an existential threat to Western Europe.  Its nuclear arsenal is now larger than that of the United States and it has the only other strategic air force in the world.   Its manner in politics is bullying, and its leaders still consider the...


GI Jane Jive–Women in Combat

Of all the areas of our lives negatively effected by this absurd doctrine [equality], perhaps few could be construed to be as dangerous as the move to institutionalize women in combat. Tennesseean Mark Atkins explores this in the recent release from Shotwell Publishing, Women In Combat: Feminism Goes to War. Hollywood continuously produces films showcasing nature-defying feats of diminutive women who have the ability to grapple in one-on-one combat with men two or three times their size and emerge successful. But these fanciful characterizations are as real as Santa Claus. As Atkins explains at length, aside from unusual exceptions, the God of nature has not endowed women to be combat warriors. 


More Birthdays: Podcast

An 18 minute podcast on Bat Masterson, Joe Di Maggio, Emperor Komnenos, John Bunyan, William Blake, Berry Gordy, Jimi Hendrix, Merle Travis, Voltaire, C.S. Lewis, Gregory of Tours, Jonathan Swift, Theodor Momsen,