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A Pagan Reads John, IV: The First Sign

I do not know how much you have heard about this Jewish savior Jesus.  Like others of his calling, he is said to possess magical qualities.  In the stories I have heard about wonder-workers, the point of the miracle is usually to show how powerful the divine teacher is, and there is not much more to it.


Inclusion, Belonging, and Other Secular Challenges by Dr. James Patrick


Diversity, Equity, Inclusion.   Behind each word is a “woke” criticism of American culture, a culture that confesses two genders only; a culture that believes its duty to its citizens is discharged when they are afforded the opportunity to succeed, ignoring the fact that generation after generation certain groups are less successful than others;


Thoughts on the New Year by Dr. James Patrick


New Year’s Day has not always been January 1, for during the long Middle Ages it was the Feast of the Annunciation on March twenty-fifth that marked the New Year.  On that date the Angel Gabriel visited the Blessed Virgin Mary with the good news that, enwrapped by the Holy Spirit, she would become the mother of him whose name is Emmanuel….


The Reign of Love: Questions

I have received a number of queries about different aspects of my most recent book, and, rather than answer each one privately, it seemed a good idea to make it a public forum.  I may soon transfer it to our Forum section, but I shall begin it here on the front page.


America In Chains, Part II

Among the more childish fantasies of the American Right is their obsession with Cultural Marxism.  They quote Gramsci as if his second-rate and derivative writings were Holy Writ, and they boldly prophesy that once they have slain the beast of Cultural Marxism we can all get together in an orgy of American Greatness.