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Westerns, Episode 5


In this episode Dr. Fleming and Stephen discuss Red River (1948) and The Furies (1950) and the ending of the sentimental Western in favor of tougher, grittier stories and characters. These films were chosen to look deeper at the theme of empire-building in the West. Homework for next episode: watch Buchanan Rides Alone.


Magdalen Nabb

A few days ago, in the discussion of the Nashville school shootings, I suggested that if people wan’t to gain a more serious understanding of the transgender world, they might not do better than to read the seventh of Magdalen Nabb’s detective mysteries set in Florence (not South Carolina).  


Westerns Episode 4: Rio Grande


  In this episode Dr. Fleming and Stephen discuss Rio Grande (1950) and the sort of story of national healing that it, in part, represented, combined with a broken family being reunited and some good ol’ cowboys and injuns gunfights. Homework for next episode is a double feature: watch Red River and The Furies.