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This is the month in times past we used to celebrate such wicked conceptions as “Father’s Day.” Now we pause (for a whole month…and large parts of the others) to pay homage to sexual perversity and gender confusion.


Wednesday’s Child: The Black Madonna

As I walk the streets with the baby in his pram, I scrutinize the faces of passing women and note how few distinct types there are in Palermo. The streets here are a kind of itinerant art museum, where in a single day one sees quite a few Parmigianinos, Pollaiuolos, and Ghirlanaios.  How else?  Their ancestors, bakers’ daughters or admirals’ wives, probably sat for all those portraits.


Giving Up on the Ukraine?

I never liked Henry Kissinger when he worked for Nixon and Ford, or his continued meddling since. He was too soft on the Soviets and the ChiComs. But he is the patriarch of the “realist” school, which tries to make deals. And that’s just what he said at the Davos globalist confab ought to be done with the Ukraine War.


Abortion: America’s Top Military Secret ?

Is abortion a key to U.S. military might? According to U.S. Navy veteran Allison Gill in the WaPo, “Overturning Roe would be disastrous for the U.S. military.”  She starts with a horrible story, “When I was 21, I was drugged and raped violently while serving in the military, a crime that resulted in pregnancy.” She then got an abortion. Of course, more should be done to prevent such assaults.  She then jumps to this conclusion, “Should Roe be overturned and access to abortion restricted for female service members across the United States, military readiness would be directly affected.” I’m not...